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ILT-U-17222D dimensional analysis.

Description: Measurement of a sample in a 2D microscope, Method:

ILT-U-2475AC power single phase determinations

AC power (0-200Vac y 0-600Vac)

ILT-U-2581Air analyzer calibration

Air flow measure (in two points 0 and 50 ppm)

ILT-U-3325Alcoholmeter measurement


calibration of alcoholmeter (gas flow alcoholmeter).

Standard :

ILT-U-2524Amperometric clamp calibration

Amperometric clamp

ILT-U-506Anemometer calibration


Anemometer 0 a 20 m/seg

Rule :ISO 19918, NACE TM0103

ILT-U-1032Angle and length determinations

Description: Longitudinal and angular measurements. Method:

ILT-U-131Angle measurement in goniometers

Description: Method:

ILT-U-2323Barometer calibration

Aneroid barometer

ILT-U-2863Bore gage measurement


bore gage measurement

Standard :

ILT-U-574Brinell Hardness. CB

Description: HBW 1/30 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-3358Calibration determination.


Dial indicator (range 0 – 25mm) measurement in three points.

Standard :

ILT-U-3359Calibration determination.


• Height Gauge (range 0 – 600mm) measurement in three points.

• 3 pattern blocks will be sent to measure the height of each one, with Height Gauge (range 0 – 600mm)

Standard :

ILT-U-1725Calibration of network analyzer equipment

Description: Tension Method:

ILT-U-1042Calibration of Sphygmomanometers

Description: Manual and Digital Sphygmomanometers Method:

ILT-U-778Calibration of temperature sensors

Description: PT100 temperature resistance range -30 °C to + 400 °C; and Thermocouple K range 400 °C to 1100 °C Method:

ILT-U-2472Calibration of thermometer

Infrared Thermometer Range -30 oC to 500 oC

ILT-U-1643caliper gauge. 1A

Description: caliper 0-300 mm (Reading 0.02mm) Method:

ILT-U-377caliper gauge. 1B

Description: caliper 0-1000 mm (Reading 0.02mm). Method:

ILT-U-3398Centrifuge machine calibration


RPM (3 points: 500, 1000 and 3000)

Standard :

ILT-U-2440Chlorine meter determination

Chlorine meter calibration

ILT-U-1898Colour Reference determination

Description: Y, x, and y values Method: ASTM D6045, ASTM D1500

ILT-U-2474DC power determinations

DC power (0,2/2/20/200/1000 Vcc)

ILT-U-2527Decade boxes calibration

Decade boxes calibration. Capacitance, and resistance

ILT-U-1308Decibelmeter calibration

Description: Frequency weighting; Attenuation in and out of the passing bands; and Linearity range Method: IEC 60651, IEC 61260, IEC 60804

ILT-U-2530Densimeter calibration


ILT-U-216Determination of humidity in digital hygrometer

Description: Method:

ILT-U-918Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 0.6 bar)

Standard :

ILT-U-259Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 150 bar)

Description: 0 to 150 bar Method:

ILT-U-882Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 21 bar)

Standard :

ILT-U-005Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 250 bar)

Description: Method:

ILT-U-003Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 500 bar)

Description: Method:

ILT-U-2930Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 650 bar)


hydraulic pressure (0 to 650 bar)

Standard :

ILT-U-217Determination of temperature in liquid thermometers

Description: Method:

ILT-U-207Determination of temperature in thermocouples.

Description: Range -80 ° c to 300 ° c Method:

ILT-U-210Determination of volume in micro pipette

Description: Method:

ILT-U-008Determining masses with reference weights

Description: Weights M1 class Method:

ILT-U-076Determining masses with reference weights (E2 class)

Description: weights E2 class Method:

ILT-U-007Determining masses with reference weights. 01

Description: 0.01 Kg to 0.05 Kg. M1 Class Method:

ILT-U-602Dial Gauge calibration

Description: Method:

ILT-U-2436Digital Refractometer determination

Refractive index

ILT-U-700Digital Thermometer Calibration

Description: Method:

ILT-U-2439Dissolved oxygen meter determination

Dissolved oxygen meter calibration

ILT-U-2473Dry block calibration

Temperature (dry block) Range 0 oC to 120 oC

ILT-U-2562Dynamometer calibration

Dynamometer calibration

ILT-U-2336Electrical safety analyzer calibration

Leakage current (50 Hz), Resistance, Current (50HZ), Voltage, Power

, ILT-U-2754Electricity metering equipment determination


No Load Test, Starting Current, Meter Constant, Limit of error due to variation of current. According to IEC 62053-21

Standard :IEC 62053-21,

, ILT-U-2981Energy meter determination


Accuracy test (calibration), Constant verification test, Starting test, No-load operation test. According to NTC 4856

Standard :NTC 4856,

ILT-U-1900Ethanol determination.

Description: 40 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Method:

ILT-U-041flow water meters determination


Flow water meters DN15

Standard :

ILT-U-3103Flowmeter measurement


Volume flow (range 0 to 200 bar). gas/air flowmeter 

Standard :

ILT-U-2528Frequency generator calibration

Frequency generator calibration

ILT-U-3296Gas analyzer measurement.


CO2, O2, H2S, and LEL

Standard :

ILT-U-1364Gas meter determinations

Norma :ISO 4649, ASTM D2099

ILT-U-2207Hardness Barcol. CB

Description: Hardness Barcol Method: ASTM D2583

ILT-U-174Hardness Brinell HRB. 3 CB

Description: HBW 3/62.5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-175Hardness Brinell HRB. CB

Description: HB 2.5/62.5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-014Hardness Brinell. 10 CB

Description: HB 10/3000 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-630Hardness Brinell. 2,5 CB

Description: HBW 2,5/187,5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-1034Hardness Brinell. CB

Description: HBW 10/500 Method: ASTM E10

ILT-U-1676Hardness Knoop. 0,3 CB

Description: HK 0.3 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-167Hardness Knoop. 0,5 CB

Description: Hardness Knoop HK 0.5 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-308Hardness Knoop. CB

Description: HK 1 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-693Hardness Leeb CB

Description: Method: ASTM A956

ILT-U-176Hardness Rockwell CB

Description: HRA Method: ISO 6508

ILT-U-096Hardness Rockwell HRB CB

Description: ASTM E 18 Method: ASTM E18

ILT-U-010Hardness Rockwell HRC CB

Description: For test and calibration laboratories Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-M-02Hardness Rockwell HRC. Open CB

Description: (For test and calibration laboratories) ASTM E18 or ISO 6508. Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-U-657Hardness Rockwell. 15N CB

Description: HRC 15N Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-U-1105Hardness Rockwell. 15T CB

Description: HR15T and HR30T. Method:

ILT-U-688Hardness Shore CB

Description: Shore A Method: ISO 868

ILT-U-1412Hardness Shore. A CB

Description: Shore A Method: ISO 7619-1, ASTM D2240

ILT-U-872Hardness Shore. D CB

Description: Shore D Method: ISO 868

ILT-M-03Hardness Vickers CB

Description: ASTM E 92 and ISO 6507. Method: ASTM E92, ISO 6507

ILT-U-177Hardness Vickers. 30 CB

Description: HV30 Method: ISO 6507

ILT-U-2206Hardness Webster CB

Description: Hardness Webster Method: ASTM B647

ILT-U-020Hydraulic jack (Bottle type)

Description: NOM 114-SCFI Method: NOM 114-SCF

ILT-U-3021Hydrometer measurement


Hydrometer (density calibration) measurement

Standard :

ILT-U-1907Instruments calibration

Description: Manometer (200 bar); Thermometer (250 °C); and Weight (M1 1.0 kg) Method:

ILT-U-1336Instruments calibration – conductimeter

Description: Method:

ILT-U-641Instruments calibration 1A

Description: Measurement of thermohygrometers; Measurement of weights; Measurement of digital thermometer; and Thermocouple measurement PT-100 for stove with thermometer Method:

ILT-U-2609Isothermal media determination


Characterization of isothermal medium of laboratory stove. 1 checkpoint - Without charge - Up to 24 hours. Calibration

Standard :

ILT-U-2549Kilovoltmeter determination

Kilovoltmeter calibration

ILT-U-3102Laboratory glassware measurement


Volume (pycnometer range 0 to 50 ml).

Standard :

ILT-U-2395Laboratory oven (sterilizer) calibration

temperature measure in laboratory oven (sterilizer)

ILT-U-2526LCR meters calibration

LCR meters calibration. Inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R)

ILT-U-2174Loadcell determinations

Description: 100Ton compression Loadcell. 100 Tn Load Cell compression and Portable dynamometer for external cell Method:

ILT-U-2175Loadcell determinations. 01

Description: 60Ton Traction / Compression Loadcell. 60 Tn Load Cell Traction / compression and Portable dynamometer for external cell Method:

ILT-U-1750Luxometer calibration


Luxometer. 0.1Lux to 100,000 LUX. (measured in three points)

Standard :

ILT-U-214Magnitudes determinations

Description: Pipette (volume gravimetric method); PH meters from 0 to 14 pH; and Class I analytical balances (weights) Method:

ILT-U-2864Martin-type sliding gauge measurement


Martin-type sliding gauge measurement

Standard :

ILT-U-2337Mass determination

Range of 0 kg to 1 kg Class M2

ILT-U-2452Mass determination

Weight range 0 to 1 kg Class M3

ILT-U-2547Mass determination

Mass determination range 1 to 15 kg (Class M2)


ILT-U-150Measurement of length in standard blocks

Description: Range 2.5 mm to 15 mm Method:

ILT-U-418Measurement time

Description: Digital chronometer Method:

ILT-U-2076Mechanical properties of fasteners. CB

Description: Torsional test and minimum torque test Method: ISO 898-7

ILT-U-2477Megohmmeter determinations

Megohmmeter (DC VOLTAGE, AC VOLTAGE, Frequency, Power)

ILT-U-2240Microhardness determination CB

Description: Microhardness Method: ASTM E387, ASTM B578

ILT-U-675Micrometers determinations

Description: 0 – 500 mm (0.001) Method:

ILT-U-042Micrometers determinations 0-25mm

Description: 0 – 25 mm Method:

ILT-U-072Multimeter and clamp meter calibrations.

Description: Multimeter and clamp meter Method:

ILT-U-1229Multimeter calibration. 1A

Description: voltage (AC @ 60 Hz) recorder calibration Method:

ILT-U-1909Multimeter calibration. 1B

Description: Tension; Voltage; and Resistance Method:

ILT-U-2275Noise dosimeter calibration

Description: Noise dose

ILT-U-2438Odometer determination

Odometer Calibration

ILT-U-626Optical tachometer calibration

Optical tachometer calibration

ILT-U-2525Oscilloscope determination

Oscilloscope calibration

ILT-U-847pH meter determination

Description: pH=4, pH=7, and pH=10 Method:

ILT-U-2701Photometer calibration


Photometer . 2.5 A 2000 LUX. (measured in five points)

Standard :

ILT-U-2523Pneumatic Pressure calibration

Pnueumatic pressure

ILT-U-211Pressure determinations

Description: Pneumatic pressure manometer; hydraulic pressure manometer, and pressure transducer Method:

ILT-U-2724Pressure transmitter determination


Pressure transmitter (Range 0-100 BAR, 4-20 mA.) 

Standard :

ILT-U-3342Profile projector determination.


Length and height for 0-25 mm using a profile projector.

Standard :

ILT-U-2205Rotameter/Flowmeter determination

Description: Rotameter/Flowmeter measurement Method:

ILT-U-2707SO2 meter measurement


SO2 meter calibration

Standard :

ILT-U-382Sonometer / decibel meter measurement

Description: Sonometer – decibel meter Method:

ILT-U-3096Sphygmomanometer calibration


Sphygmomanometer calibration (four pints: 10, 20, 50, and 100 mmHg)

Standard :

ILT-U-2614Steel ruler calibration


Steel ruler calibration

Standard :

ILT-U-2924Steel ruler calibration


Steel ruler calibration. Length (o to 1000 mm).

Standard :

ILT-U-1763Surface Roughness determination

Description: Roughness Method:

ILT-U-019Tapes and or tape measure

Description: NOM 046-SCFI Method: NOM 046-SCFI

ILT-U-1472Thermohygrometers measurement

Temperature from 0 °C to 50 °C and relative humidity from 20% to 90%.

ILT-U-2402Thermostatic bath calibration.

Calibration at 1 point calibration at 3 different temperatures.

ILT-U-1431Timers calibration

Description: Comparison against a frequency counter and a 10MHZ reference. Range: 24 hs. Method:

ILT-U-1721Torque test in bottle

Description: Method:

ILT-U-773Torque wrench determination

Torque wrench determination (0 – 250 Nm range).

ILT-U-094Torque wrench determination

Torque wrench determination (200 – 800 Nm range).

ILT-U-2905Torque wrench determination


Torque wrench measurement (500 – 1400 Nm range).

Standard :

ILT-U-2938Turbidimeter measurement


Turbidity. (0 to 200 ntu).

Standard :

ILT-U-3184Ultrasonic flow meter determination


Water flow (m3/h). (Wall-mounted host + external clamp sensor. Measuring range: DN80. -30~90℃)

Standard :

ILT-U-2822Ultrasonic Flow meter measurement


Ultrasonic flow meter measurement

Standard :

ILT-U-3186Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Calibration


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Calibration

Standard :

ILT-U-2380Vacuum gauge determinations

vacuum gauge

ILT-U-3330Velocity speed gun metter measurement


Velocity speed gun metter measurement

Standard :

ILT-U-1493Vernier caliper calibration

Description: Points to calibrate: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm Method:

ILT-U-2327Vernier caliper calibration

Range: 0 to 1000 mm.

ILT-U-2862Vernier Depth Gauge measurement


vernier depth gauge with fine adjustment 

Standard :

ILT-U-2479Vernier digital caliper calibration

Vernier digital caliper calibration Range  0 to 150mm

ILT-U-2437Viscometer determination


ILT-U-070Volume Automatic Pipettes

Description: Gravimetric method Method:

ILT-U-624Volume determination in glass material

Description: Pipette and Flask (gravimetric method) Method:

, ILT-U-912Volumetric flow meter for fuels calibration

Volumetric flow meter for fuels

ILT-U-623Volumetric meter determination

Description: Seraphim; Five gallons Method:

ILT-U-378Watch buyer centesimal

Description: Method:

ILT-U-2548Wattmeter determination

Wattmeter calibration

ILT-U-1865XRF Analyzers calibration.

Description: Calibration for XRF Element Analyzer ROHS (ROHS PE/PVC 100); and Calibration for XRF Coating Thickness Gauge (Gold over Nickel over cooper Base) Method:

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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