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ILT-U-1106Advanced Ceramic Specific Surface Area (BET)

Description: BET – 3 – Point analysis Method: ASTM C1274

ILT-U-2691Ceramic determination


X-ray diffraction qualitative phase analysis will be performed for ceramic sample in order to identify the crystalline phases present. According to ASTM D934

Standard :ASTM D934,

ILT-U-3461Ceramic determination


Water Absorption. According to EN 1217

Standard :, [:es]EN 1217[:]

ILT-U-2200Ceramic determinations. 1A

Description: Deep Abrasion Method: ASTM C1243

ILT-U-2195Ceramic determinations. 1B

Description: Water Absorption and Bulk Specific Gravity / Density Method: ASTM C97

ILT-U-2194Ceramic determinations. 1C

Description: Mohs Scratch Hardness Method: ASTM C1895

ILT-U-2193Ceramic determinations. 1D

Description: M.O.R. & Breaking Strength Method: ASTM C1505

ILT-U-2192Ceramic determinations. 1E

Description: Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. (DCOF—wet only) Method: ANSI A326.3

ILT-U-2190Ceramic determinations. 1F

Description: Staining Resistance Method: ASTM C1378

ILT-U-2188Ceramic determinations. 1G

Description: Surface Abrasion Method: ASTM C1027

ILT-U-2181Ceramic determinations. 1H

Description: Water Absorption Method: ASTM C373

ILT-U-2178Ceramic determinations. 1I

Description: Determination of Solar Reflectance Index Method: ASTM E1980

ILT-U-2177Ceramic determinations. 1J

Description: Determination of Organic Emissions. (Not per CA 01350) Method: ASTM D5116

ILT-U-2176Ceramic determinations. 1K

Description: Lead and Cadmium Extracted from Glazed Ceramic Tile Method: ASTM C895

ILT-U-2180Ceramic determinations. 1L

Description: Linear Thermal Expansion. T from – 4°F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C) Method: ASTM C372

ILT-U-2179Ceramic determinations. 1M

Description: Mounting Allowable Deviation from Nominal Joint Size; Bond Strength; Compressive Strength; and Thermal Shock Resistance Method: ANSI A137.2

ILT-U-2184Ceramic determinations. 1N

Description: Measurement of Light Reflectance Value & Small Color Differences Method: ASTM C609

ILT-U-2183Ceramic determinations. 1O

Description: Warpage; Facial dimensions and thickness; and Wedging Method: ASTM C502, ASTM C499, ASTM C485

ILT-U-2182Ceramic determinations. 1P

Description: Crazing Resistance Method: ASTM C424

ILT-U-2187Ceramic determinations. 1Q

Description: Freeze-Thaw – up to 300 cycles Method: ASTM C1026

ILT-U-2186Ceramic determinations. 1R

Description: Chemical Resistance Method: ASTM C650

ILT-U-2185Ceramic determinations. 1S

Description: Breaking Strength Method: ASTM C648

ILT-U-2189Ceramic determinations. 1T

Description: Static Coefficient of Friction (wet-dry) Method: ASTM C1028

, , ILT-U-439Ceramic tiles determinations

Dimensions and surface quality, Water absorption, apparent porosity, apparent relative density and bulk density, Modulus of rupture and breaking strength, Resistance to deep abrasion for unglazed tiles, Resistance to surface abrasion for unglazed tiles, Crazing resistance for glazed tiles, Frost resistance, Chemical resistance, and Resistance to stains. Accroding to ISO 10545-2; ISO 10545-3; ISO 10545-4; ISO 10545-6; ISO 10545-7; ISO 10545-11; ISO 10545-12; ISO 10545-14; and ISO 10545-13 Method: ISO 10545-3, ISO 10545-4, ISO 10545-7, ISO 10545-13, ISO 10545-12, ISO 10545-14, ISO 10545-2, ISO 10545-6, ISO 10545-11

, , ILT-U-2508Ceramic tiles determinations

Determination of impact resistance by measurement of coefficient of restitution, and Small colour differences. According to ISO 10545-5, ISO 10545-16

, ILT-U-2762Ceramic tiles-Grouts and adhesives determination


Initial adherence, Adhesion after immersion in water, Adhesion after heat aging, Adhesion after freeze/thaw cycles, Slip, Transverse deformation, Open time (20 and 30 minutes). According to ISO 13007-2

Standard :ISO 13007-2,

, ILT-U-2765Ceramic tiles-Grouts and adhesives determination


Crack Bridging ability (23ºc). According to ISO 13007-5

Standard :ISO 13007-5,

, ILT-U-2766Ceramic tiles-Grouts and adhesives determination


Flexural and Compressive strength (without cycles). according to ISO 13007-4

Standard :ISO 13007-4,

ILT-U-1657Determinations in ceramic tiles

Description: Measurement of length and width; and measurement of thickness Method: ISO 10545-2

ILT-U-111Determinations in Ceramics materials (dental). 1A

Description: ISO 22674 Method: ISO 22674

ILT-U-113Determinations in Ceramics materials (dental). 1B

Description: ISO 9693 Method: ISO 9693

, , ILT-U-2644Harmful substances in textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries determination


Formaldehyde in emulsion polymers. According to GB/T 29493.5

Standard :GB/T 29493.5,

ILT-U-1851Leachable Lead & Cadmium determination. OT

Description: Simulant 4% Acetic Acid Method: EN 1388-1, EN 1388-2, Directive 84/500/EEC, ISO 7086-1, ISO 7086-2

, ILT-U-2717Optical fiber determination


Repeated bending test on complete cable. According to IEC 60794-1-2 E6

Standard :IEC 60794-1,

, ILT-U-535Specular Gloss

Description: Method: ASTM D523

ILT-U-112Three-point flexure test for ceramic materials

Description: ISO 6872 Method: ISO 6872

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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