ILT-U-574Brinell Hardness

Description: HBW 1/30 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-2207Hardness Barcol

Description: Hardness Barcol Method: ASTM D2583

ILT-U-1034Hardness Brinell

Description: HBW 10/500 Method: ASTM E10

ILT-U-175Hardness Brinell HRB

Description: HB 2.5/62.5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-174Hardness Brinell HRB. 3

Description: HBW 3/62.5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-014Hardness Brinell. 10

Description: HB 10/3000 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-630Hardness Brinell. 2,5

Description: HBW 2,5/187,5 Method: ASTM E10, ISO 6506

ILT-U-2764Hardness determination


Mobile hardness testing/. according to ASTM A1038

Standard :ASTM A1038,

ILT-U-308Hardness Knoop

Description: HK 1 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-1676Hardness Knoop. 0,3

Description: HK 0.3 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-167Hardness Knoop. 0,5

Description: Hardness Knoop HK 0.5 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-693Hardness Leeb

Description: Method: ASTM A956

ILT-U-176Hardness Rockwell

Description: HRA Method: ISO 6508

ILT-U-3063Hardness Rockwell


Hardness Rockwell 90-110 HRFW. According to ASTM E18

Standard :ASTM E18

ILT-U-646Hardness Rockwell HR 15T
Hardness Rockwell HR 15T
ILT-U-096Hardness Rockwell HRB

Description: ASTM E 18 Method: ASTM E18

ILT-U-010Hardness Rockwell HRC

Description: For test and calibration laboratories Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-M-02Hardness Rockwell HRC. Open

Description: (For test and calibration laboratories) ASTM E18 or ISO 6508. Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-U-657Hardness Rockwell. 15N

Description: HRC 15N Method: ASTM E18, ISO 6508

ILT-U-1105Hardness Rockwell. 15T

Description: HR15T and HR30T. Method:

ILT-U-688Hardness Shore

Description: Shore A Method: ISO 868

ILT-U-1412Hardness Shore. A

Description: Shore A Method: ISO 7619-1, ASTM D2240

ILT-U-056Hardness Shore. ACD


Hardness Shore A and D. According to ISO 868, ASTM D2240

Standard :[:en]ASTM D2240[:]

ILT-U-872Hardness Shore. D

Description: Shore D Method: ISO 868

ILT-M-03Hardness Vickers

Description: ASTM E 92 and ISO 6507. Method: ASTM E92, ISO 6507

ILT-U-286Hardness Vickers. 0,05

Description: HV 0,05 Method: ASTM E384

ILT-U-1113Hardness Vickers. 0,1

Description: HV 0.1 Method:

ILT-U-1145Hardness Vickers. 0,2

Description: HV 0.2 Method:

ILT-U-1115Hardness Vickers. 0,3

Description: HV 0.3 Method:

ILT-U-015Hardness Vickers. 0,5

Description: HV 0.5 – 500 / 700 Method: ASTM E384, ISO 6507

ILT-U-1632Hardness Vickers. 1

Description: HV1 Method: ASTM E384, ISO 6507-3

ILT-U-527Hardness Vickers. 10

Description: HV10 Method: ISO 6507-3, ASTM A370, ASTM E384, ASTM E92

ILT-U-1114Hardness Vickers. 2

Description: HV 3 Method:

ILT-U-177Hardness Vickers. 30

Description: HV30 Method: ISO 6507

ILT-U-3062Hardness Vickers. 5


HV 5. According to ISO 6507-3, ASTM E384, ASTM E92

Standard :

ILT-U-2206Hardness Webster

Description: Hardness Webster Method: ASTM B647

ILT-U-2240Microhardness determination

Description: Microhardness Method: ASTM E387, ASTM B578

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