ILT-U-2292Analysis of concentrate

Analysis of different minerals concentration (XRF). Lithium, Sodium oxide, Aluminium, Silicon, Aluminium(III) oxide, Aluminium, Iron, Magnesium oxide, Silicon dioxide, Potassium oxide, Calcium oxide, Manganese oxide, Iron (III) oxide, and Litium oxide

ILT-U-2573Analysis of concentrate of lead

Concentrate of lead

ILT-U-2572Analysis of concentrate of zinc

Concentrate of zinc

ILT-U-198Analysis of concentrates of cooper, lead and zinc


Concentrates of cooper, lead and zinc

Standard :

ILT-U-643Analysis of concentrates of Iron and Graphite

Description: Iron and Graphite Method:

ILT-U-363Analysis of concentrates of Manganese and Tungsten

Description: Manganese and Tungsten Method:

ILT-U-2326Analysis of concentrates of Rare earth elements (REE)

Standard :

ILT-U-1178Analysis of concentrates of Rare earth elements (REE) in ore.

Description: Rare earth elements (REE) in ore. Method:

ILT-U-2464Analysis of concentrates of silver

Concentrates of silver.

ILT-U-360Analysis of concentrates of Tin & Lithium

Description: Tin & Lithium Method:

ILT-U-2325Analysis of concentrates of Total Graphitic carbon

Analysis of concentrates of Total Graphitic carbon

ILT-U-859Analysis of concentrates of Uranium ore

Description: Uranium ore Method:

ILT-U-3131Concentrates of minerals


Concentrates of copper, iron, and zinc.

Standard :

, ILT-U-2370Content of elements in Zircaloy-4

Cr, Fe, Hf and Sn

, ILT-U-813Copper determination


Copper concentration

Standard :

ILT-U-1751Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying in copper and zinc concentrates

Description: Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying Method: ISO 10251

ILT-U-586Determination of selenium concentration in powder.


ILT-U-330Determinations in phosphate rock and potassium sulphate

Description: Potassium oxide; Water soluble potassium; Sulfur Sulfate (S); and P2O5 Method:

ILT-U-556Gold and palladium concentrate determination


Gold and palladium concentrate determination

Standard :

ILT-U-1007Gold concentration

Description: cupellation method. Method:

ILT-U-558Gold in rocks determination

Description: From 8 PPB to 100 PPB and 1 PPM to 400 PPM Method:

ILT-U-2510Iron in ore determination

Analysis of Iron in ore. According to X-ray Fluorescence

ILT-U-953Iron ore and chrome ore determinations

Iron ore and chrome ore

ILT-U-584Mineral determination


Potassium dicyanoaurate(I) (solution in Water)

Palladium (solution in HCl)

Standard :

ILT-U-3138Mineral determination


Moisture in mineral concentrate 

Standard :

, ILT-U-2722Molybdenum trioxide determination


Molybdenum, Copper, Lead, Rhenium, Phosphorus, Bismuth, Sulfur, Carbon, and Nitrogen

Standard :

ILT-U-1116Nickel and chrome ore determinations

Nickel and chrome ore

ILT-U-2369Oxygen in Tungsten carbide powder determinations


, ILT-U-784Surface area for metal powders (BET) OT

Description: BET – 5 – Point analysis (Nitrogen Gas) Method: ASTM B922

Category of Schemes
ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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