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ILT-U-2202Acoustic Emission Test – NDT

Description: Defect measurement, according to Acoustic Emission test Method: EN 13554

, ILT-U-1402Destructive tests on Butt weld steel.


Fracture (Butt Weld. FW). According to EN 1320 - ASME IX / QW182 - ISO 9017

Standard :EN 1320, [:en]ISO 9017[:], ASME IX/QW182

, ILT-U-273Destructive tests on Fillet weld steel.


Fracture (Fillet Weld. FW). According to EN 1320, ASME IX / QW182,  ISO 9017

Standard :EN 1320, [:en]ISO 9017[:]

ILT-U-1345Eddy Current method – NDT


Eddy Current method – NDT

Standard :

ILT-U-1634Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) – NDT

Description: Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy Tubes Method: ASTM E243

ILT-U-151Liquid penetrant testing – NDT

Description: ASTM E165 and EN 10228-2. Method: ASTM E165, EN 10228-2

ILT-U-188Magnetic Particle Testing – NDT

Description: ASTM E1444 and EN 10228-1. Method: ASTM E1444, EN 10228-1, ASTM E709

ILT-U-029Magnetic Particle Testing – Pie Gauge – NDT

Description: Magnetic Field Indicator of Magnetic Particle Testing Method: ASTM E709

ILT-U-271Measuring Thickness by Manual Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Contact Method

Description: ASTM E797 Method: ASTM E797

ILT-U-2391NDT - Liquid Penetrant determination (forged sample)

NDT – Liquid penetrant (forged sample)


ILT-U-2390NDT - Magnetic particle determination (forged sample)

NDT – Magnetic particle (forged sample). ASTM E709

ILT-U-2394NDT - Ultrasonic determination (forged sample)

NDT – Ultrasonic (forged sample). ASTM A609

ILT-U-3083NDT determination


Visual examination. According to ASME V ART.9 

Standard :[:en]ASME V[:]

ILT-U-3336Phased Array Ultrasound – NDT


Phased Array Ultrasound – NDT

Standard :

ILT-U-256Radiographic Examination of Weldments – NDT

Description: ASTM E1032. Method: ASTM E1032

ILT-U-281Ultrasonic Contact Examination of Weldments – NDT

Description: Method: ASTM E164

ILT-U-055Ultrasound testing – NDT

Description: ASTM E114 and EN 10228-3. Method: EN 10228-3, ASTM E114

ILT-U-3182Ultrasound testing – NDT


The number of holes in the specimen, The depth of each hole (reflector) in tenths of mm, and The diameter of each hole (reflector) in tenths of mm. According to EN ISO 13588

Standard :EN ISO 13588

ILT-U-3183Ultrasound testing – NDT


The number of holes in the specimen, The depth of each hole (reflector) in tenths of mm, The diameter of each hole (reflector) in tenths of mm. According to  EN ISO 10863

Standard :EN ISO 10863

ILT-U-049Ultrasound testing (ASME V) – NDT

Description: ASME V (art. 4) Method: ASME V

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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