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ILT-U-1642Cardboard determinations

Description: Water absorption capacity – cobb method; thickness; grammage; resistance to column compression; and seal strength of flexible barrier materials (Technique A – unsupported) Method: ISO 535, ISO 536, ISO 3034, ISO 3037, ASTM F88

ILT-U-549Climatic Test (humidity and temperature) for shipping containers

Description: Method: ISTA

ILT-U-3380Corrugated board determination


All determinations. According to TAPPI T 810 OM-22, TAPPI T 811 OM-17

Standard :TAPPI T 810 OM-22, TAPPI T 811 OM-17,

ILT-U-343Determination in corrugated cardboard

Description: Resistance to crushing Method: TAPPI 825

ILT-U-342Determination in paper samples

Description: Traction; resistance to Taber flexion; adhesion between layers (Scott); and resistance to the passage of Gurley air Method: TAPPI 460, TAPPI 489,TAPPI 494, TAPPI 566, TAPPI 569

ILT-U-490Determination of grammage of the component papers after separation

Description: ISO 3039 Method: ISO 3039

ILT-U-492Determination of grease resistance – Part 1: Permeability test

Description: ISO 16532-1 Method: ISO 16532-1

ILT-U-494Determination of grease resistance – Part 3: Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers

Description: ISO 16532-3 Method: ISO 16532-3

ILT-P-02Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting

Description: Method: ISO 16945

ILT-U-491Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting. 0,1

Description: ISO 16945 Method: ISO 16945

ILT-U-1360Edge Crush determination

Description: Method: ISO 3037

ILT-U-1069Edge Crush Test in corrugated fibreboard

Description: Method: NBR 6737, NFH 13 001

ILT-U-2098Face mask determinations

Description: Flamability Method: ASTM F2100

ILT-U-1058Formaldehyde determination

Description: Formaldehyde determination Method: EN 1541

ILT-U-1167Microbiological determinations in tissue toilet paper

Description: Total plate count; and Mould and yeast Method:

ILT-U-1484Migration in containers

Description: Color migration in 3% acetic acid; Color migration in 10% ethanol; Humidity; Density; Specific migration of primary aromatic amine in 3% acetic acid; and Overall migration in 3% acetic acid Method: EN 646, EU 10/2011

, ILT-U-2637Packaging determination


Seal Strength. According to ASTM F88

Standard :ASTM F88,

, ILT-U-2638Packaging determination


Detecting seal leaks in porous medical packaging by dye penetration (Method A. Injection Method). According to ASTM F1929

Standard :ASTM F1929

ILT-U-1890Packed Products determinations. 1A

Description: Compression Test Method: ISTA 1C

ILT-U-1889Packed Products determinations. 1B

Description: Drop Test Method: ISTA 1B

ILT-U-137Paper and board — Determination of thickness, density and specific volume

Description: EN ISO 534 Method: EN ISO 534

ILT-U-2228Paper and board articles determination. PC

Description: Paper and board intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Pentachlorophenol (PCP); Preserving effect; Extractable heavy metal (Pb, Cd, Hg) in cold water or hot water; and Fluorescent matter Method: Europe Council Resolution ResAP (2002)1

ILT-U-2564Paper and board determination

Opacity (paper backing). According to ISO 2471

ILT-U-2565Paper and board determination

CIE whiteness, According to ISO 11475

ILT-U-2566Paper and board determination

Residue (ash content) on ignition. According to ISO 1762

ILT-U-1070Paper and board determinations

Description: Determination of grammage; Determination of tensile properties Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method (20 mm / min); and Determination of resistance to traction of perforations – perforation efficiency calculation Method: ISO 12625-12, ISO 12625-4, ISO 12625-6, NBR ISO 12625-12, NBR NM ISO 1924-2, ISO 536

ILT-U-1144Paper and corrugated board determinations

Description: Bursting strength of paper; Bursting strength of board; Cobb Test; and Moisture Method: ISO 535, ISO 2758, ISO 2759, ISO 287

ILT-U-2744Paper determination


Ash. According to ISO 2144

Standard :ISO 2144,

ILT-U-2865Paper determination


 Paper thickness by physical analysis ASTM D645, Paper grammage by physical analysis ASTM D646, Moisture in paper by thermogravimetry ASTM D644

Standard :ASTM D0646, ASTM D0645, ASTM D0644,

ILT-U-2866Paper determination


Width on paper by physical analysis, and Length on paper by physical analysis. According to ASTM D5625

Standard :ASTM D5625,

ILT-U-2867Paper determination


pH on paper by potentiometry. According to ASTM D778

Standard :ASTM D778,

ILT-U-3061Paper determination


Grammage. Mass per unit area (23 °C and 50 % HR). According to ASTM D3776

Standard :

ILT-U-3192Paper determination


Water absorption after immersion in water. According to ISO 5637

Standard :ISO 5637

ILT-U-1376Paper determinations

Description: Water absorption capacity; Fibrous composition – Test method with Herzberg dye; Fibrous composition – Test method with Lofton-Merritt dye; Fibrous composition – Graff dye test method “C”; Fibre furnish analysis – General method; Determination of holes; Determination of pints; Diffuse reflectance factor in blue (ISO brightness; Dry tensile strength; Wet tensile strength; Water absorption time and capacity, basket immersion test method; and Paper weight for sanitary purposes Method: ISO 535, NBR NM ISO 1924-2, NBR 15010, ISO 2470, NBR 15134, NBR 14129, NBR 14133, NBR 14131, NBR 14132, NBR 8259, ISO 12625-8

ILT-U-190Paper determinations

Ring Crush of Paperboard, Roughness of Paper and Paperboard  (Sheffield Method), Resistance of paper to passage of air  (high-pressure Gurley method), Brightness of pulp, paper, and paperboard (directional reflectance at 457 nm). Accordimg to TAPPI T-818, TAPPI T-538, TAPPI T-536, TAPPI T-452

ILT-U-2392Paper determinations

Grammage, Caliper / Thickness,  Moisture Contents, Ash Contents, Tearing Strength, Tensile Strength, Bursting Strength. According to TAPPI T-403, TAPPI T-494, TAPPI T-414, TAPPI T-413, TAPPI T-412, TAPPI T-411, TAPPI T-410

ILT-U-160Paper determinations

Scott Bond, STFI Compression Test, Edgewise crush resistance of liner and corrugating medium (CCT), Flat crush of corrugating medium (CMT test), Water drop, Porosity – Gurley Method, Wax Extraction Test, Bekk Smoothness, Wax Pick Test, Gurley Stiffness. According to TAPPI T-543, TAPPI T-459, TAPPI T-479, TAPPI T-574, TAPPI T-460, TAPPI T-809, TAPPI T-824, TAPPI T-826, TAPPI T-569

ILT-U-144Paper determinations. Handsheets test.

Handsheets formed (5 sheets). According to TAPPI T-220

ILT-U-122Paper determinations. Optical test

Brightness, Opacity, Whiteness, Dirt in Pulp. Accordign to TAPPI T-562, TAPPI T-563, TAPPI T-425

ILT-U-2203PCB determination

Description: PCB content in paper and board Method: ISO 15318

ILT-U-2204PCP determination.

Description: PCP content. aper and board Method: ISO 15320

ILT-U-2127Random vibration

Description: 23°C and 50% RH. Vertical vibration – Test duration: 1 hour Method: ASTM D4728, ISO 13355

ILT-U-548Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

Description: Method: ASTM D4728

, ILT-U-976Shipping containers and systems determination

Shipping Containers and Systems. Distribution Cycle 2 — Assurance Level II. Schedule B — Warehouse Stacking. Schedule C — Vehicle Stacking. According to ASTM D4169

, ILT-U-2252Shipping Containers determination

Standard :ASTM D642

ILT-U-1039Shock testing by free fall in packaging

Description: Shock testing by free fall. 10 drops – Height: 1.5 m. Verification: Damage of package / Functionality of content Method: ISO 2248, ASTM D5276

ILT-U-2126Sine vibration test

Description: 60 minutes. Verification: Damage of package / Functionality of content Method: ISO 8318, ASTM D999

ILT-U-1645Tissue determinations

Description: Grammage; dimension; pH; and visual inspection Method: ISO 536, GSO 143, SASO 1849

ILT-U-3118Tissue products determinations


Basis Weight, Caliper, MD and CD Dry Tensile Strength, Perforation Tensile Strength, MD, and CD Stretch, CD Wet Tensile Strength (facial, towel), MD Wet Tensile Strength (bath), Total Absorbency Capacity, Basket Absorbency, Color

Standard :ISO 12625-3, ISO 12625-5, ISO 12625-7, ISO 12625-8, TAPPI T410, TAPPI T580, TAPPI T581, TAPPI T456, TAPPI T524, [:en]ISO 12625-6[:], [:en]ISO 12625-4[:]

ILT-U-1766Total bacteria count in board

Description: Total bacteria count Method: ISO 8784

ILT-U-547Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

Description: Method A1. 60 minutes. Verification: Damage of package / Functionality of content Method: ASTM D999

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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