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, ILT-U-2363Biobased content in rubber samples based on Carbon-14

Biobased content analysis based on Carbon-14

ILT-U-1023PAH in polymers or rubbers

Description: Method: HAP ZEK 01.4-08

ILT-U-1428Physicomechanics rubber determination

Description: Thermogravimetry; Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Mooney Viscosity; and Ozone Method: ASTM D6370, ISO 9924-1, ISO 9924-2, ISO 9924-3, ISO 11357-3, ISO 11357-1, ISO 11357-2, ISO 289-1, ISO 1431-1

ILT-U-493Rubber determination


Aging determination. Method C Tropical (7 days). According to ISO 1419:2019

Standard :ISO 1419

ILT-U-1410Rubber determination


Change volume. (Immersion for 16 hours at 23°C in fluid A). According to ISO 1817

Standard :

ILT-U-2937Rubber determination


Rubber adhesion inspection. (Method A). According to ASTM D429

Standard :ASTM D429,

ILT-U-3069Rubber determination


Change volume. (Immersion for 168 hours at 70°C in fluid 2). Accoridng to ISO 1817

Standard :[:en]ISO 1817[:]

ILT-U-3213Rubber determination


Tear resistance of conventional vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers. According to ASTM D624. NTC 445

Standard :ASTM D624, NTC 445

ILT-U-1595Rubber determination – Tear strength

Description: Tear strength (Method B) Method: ISO 34-1

ILT-U-1411Rubber determinations

Description: Determination of compression set at elevated temperatures; and accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests Method: ISO 815-1, ISO 188

ILT-U-2324Rubber determinations

Abrasion Resistance

ILT-U-2330Rubber determinations

Compression stress relaxation (Method B and 2000 Seconds).

ILT-U-1409Rubber determinations. 1A

Description: Tensile strength; Elongation at break; and Tear strength Method: ISO 37, ISO 34-1

ILT-U-1237Rubber determinations. 1B

Description: Ozone and lowe temp Brittleness Method: ASTM D1149, ASTM D2137

ILT-U-1008Rubber determinations. 1C

Description: Abrasion resistance and flexural strength Method: NMX-S-051, EN 5970

ILT-U-1426Rubber determinations. 1D

Description: Shore Hardness; and IRHD Hardness ( N and micro) Method: ISO 48, ISO 7619-1

ILT-U-478Rubber determinations. 1E

Description: Chemical Analysis Method: ASTM D297

ILT-U-1570Rubber determinations. 1F

Description: Compression Set Method: ASTM D395

ILT-U-299Rubber Property—Vulcanization Using Rotorless Cure Meters

Description: Method: ASTM D5289

ILT-U-438Tensile testing of rubber

Description: ASTM D438 Method: ASTM D412, ISO 3376

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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