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ILT-U-2000Abrasion resistance of soles determination

Description: Abrasion resistance Method: ISO 4649

ILT-U-442Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics

Description: Martindale Abrasion Tester Method Method: ASTM D4966

ILT-U-637Abrasion test in Textile

Description: Martindale method Method: EN 13520

ILT-U-595Absorbency of Textiles

Description: Method: AATCC 79

, ILT-U-2367Accelerated exposure of components determination

Fastness to light (800 hours), Brightness / Color evaluation after test after 800 hours

ILT-U-1249Aircraft textile materials fire test

Description: Vertical bunsen burner test, 45º Degree bunsen burner test, Horizontal bunsen burner test, 60º Degree bunsen burner test, and Oil burner test for seats cuchions. Method: CS/FAR 25, DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook

ILT-U-2002Analysis of flex resistance determinations

Description: Flex resistance (Dry 100.000 cycles) Method: ISO 17694

ILT-U-2001Analysis of slip resistance determinations

Description: Resistance determination of footwear. Method: ISO 13287

ILT-U-952APEO. Alkylphenol ethoxylates determination


Alkylphenols/ alkylphenols ethoxylates -ap/apeo. According to Oeko-Tex 201 ML-25

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-25

ILT-U-2012Apparent density and mass per unit area of leathers.

Description: Apparent density and mass per unit area Method: ISO 2420

ILT-U-1715Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash

Description: Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash Method: ISO 9185

, ILT-U-2610Automobile oil determination


Antioxidant Content, Primary, in New or In-service Oils. According to ASTM D7590

Standard :ASTM D7590,

ILT-U-1021Azo dyes in textile

Description: Method: ISO 14362-1

, ILT-U-2434Bag determination

Impact Test (500 cycles). According to QB/T 2922

, ILT-U-727Bag determination

Manually the functionality of zipper and durability of seam strength on the finished product. According to FGT-55

, ILT-U-2476Bag determinations

Handle Jerk Test. According to FGT-53

, ILT-U-2496Bag determinations

Slip resistance strength. According to FGT-62

, ILT-U-2490Bag determinations

Maximum force to seam rupture of finished bags. According to FGT-73

, ILT-U-2480Ball determinations

Trousers Tear Strength and Split Tear. According to ST-02

, ILT-U-2481Ball determinations

Tensile strength and elongation (Cycle 5). According to ST-03

ILT-U-2492Bedding components determinations

Assessment of the ignitability. According to IMO 2010 FTPC, Part 9, ISO 12952-1, ISO 12952-2

ILT-U-2876Bedding components determinations


Assessment of the flammability of mattresses and upholstered bed boards (smouldering cigarette). According to EN 597-1

Standard :EN 597-1,

ILT-U-2875Bedding components determinations


Assessment of the flammability of mattresses and upholstered bed boards (gas flame). Accordign to EN 597-2

Standard :EN 597-2,

ILT-U-2874Bedding components determinations


Assessment of the flammability of duvets and pillows  (Match flame equivalent 40 sec). According to BS 6807 source 2

Standard :BS 6807,

ILT-U-2873Bedding components determinations


Assessment of the flammability of duvets and pillows (cigarette test). According to BS 7175 source 0

Standard :BS 7175,

, ILT-U-2823Belt determination


Material identification, Free formaldehyde, Decomposable Harmful Aromatic Amine Dyes, Color fastness to rubbing, The binding force of the buckle and the belt body, Belt breaking force, Appearance quality and sewing (bonding) requirements, and Logo Identity. According to QB/T 1618-2018

Standard :QB/T 1618,

ILT-U-914Blanket determination

Flammability of blankets. According to ASTM D4151

ILT-U-479Breaking force and extension at break of shoe laces

Description: Dry and Wet Method: SATR TM94

ILT-U-1579Burning behavior – measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented

Description: Method: ISO 6941

ILT-U-983Bursting strength and bursting distension determinationin textile

Description: Bursting strength; and Bursting distension Method: ISO 13938-1

ILT-U-986Bursting Strength of Textiles

Description: bursting strength of textiles—constant-rate-of-traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test Method: ASTM D3787

ILT-U-1577Carpets determination

Description: Determination of tuft withdrawal force Method: ISO 4919

ILT-U-195Change of colour with accelerated ageing in leather

Description: Heat aging in a stove at 60 ºc for 24 hours (Method 6A); and Heat aging and humidity in a climatic chamber at 50 ºc and 90% hr for 24 hours (Method 7A) Method: ISO 17228

ILT-U-592Chemical tests in leather

Description: pH Method: ISO 4045

ILT-U-1669Children’s clothing determinations

Description: Cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing. Method: CNS 15291 L1037

ILT-U-1651Chromium VI in leather

Description: Chromium VI Method: ISO 17075

ILT-U-587Closure strength of touch and close fasteners

Description: Peel + shear; and peel + shear – after fastener 5000 revolutions Method: SATRA TM123

ILT-U-526Coated Fabrics determination

Hydrostatic resistance (Procedure A — Mullen Type Tester 42 – 45). Appearance of the first drop

ILT-U-1782Color fastness to organic solvents determination

Description: To organic solvents Method: ISO 105 X05

ILT-U-1027Color fastness to rubbing – Veslic

Description: Dry felt and wet felt Method: ISO 11640

ILT-U-045Color fastness to washing

Description: ISO 105-C06:1994 Method: ISO 105-C06

ILT-U-774Colorfastness determination in watersea

Description: Method: AATCC 106

ILT-U-169Colorfastness to Laundering: Accelerated

Description: AATCC 61 Method: AATCC 61

ILT-U-843Colour fastness determinations in textile

Description: Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration; colour fastness to rubbing; and colour fasness to hot pressing. Method: ISO 105 E04, ISO 105 X12, ISO 105 X11

ILT-U-1019Colour fastness to bleaching determination in textile

Description: colour fastness to bleaching (Hypochlorite) Method: ISO 105 N01

ILT-U-293Colour fastness to circular rubbing

Description: Dry 256 revolutions and wet 128 revolutions Method: SATRA TM8

ILT-U-1100Colour fastness to hot pressing

Description: Method: ISO 105 X11

ILT-U-638Colour fastness to rubbing determination in Textile. 1A

Description: Colour fastness to rubbing Method: EN ISO 17700 – A

ILT-U-1279Colour fastness to sea water

Description: Method: AATCC 106, ISO 105-E02

ILT-U-1322Colour fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda

Description: Method: ISO 105 C10

ILT-U-295Colour fastness to water and perspiration

Description: Method 1 water and method 2 alkaline solution of artificial perspiration Method: SATRA TM335

ILT-U-1944Colour fastness to water spotting determination

Description: Colour fastness to water spotting Method: ISO 15700

ILT-U-050Combustibility of covered furniture

Description: IMO A.652 (16) Annex 1, Part 8 of the Fire Test Procedures Code, Resolution MSC.61 (67) Method: IMO A.652

ILT-U-2328Compression set determination

Compression set – constant stress method

ILT-U-2321Cotton fiber determinations

Fiber Length, Fiber Strength and elongation, Fiber Fineness/Micronaire and color

ILT-U-1783Crease recovery angle determination

Description: Recovery form creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery Method: EN 22313

ILT-U-2498Curtain’s determinations

Ignitability of vertically oriented specimens (small flame) According to EN 1101,  and Flame spread of vertically oriented specimens According to EN 1102

ILT-U-2504Curtain’s determinations

Flame spread. According to IMO 2010 FTPC. Part 7

Curtains determinations


Fire testing for curtains, drapes and blinds. According to BS 5867 Part 2 Type B

Standard :BS 5867,

ILT-U-1002Density and number of rows / columns positions in knitted fabrics

Description: Method: NBR 12060, NBR 10589

ILT-U-2009Density determination for outsoles

Description: Density (Method A) Method: ISO 2781

ILT-U-2004Density determination of leather

Description: Density Method: ISO 2781

ILT-U-1273Detection of the use of certain azocolorants accessible with and without extracting the fibers

Description: Detection of the use of certain azo colorants, which may release 4-aminoazobenzene Method: ISO 14362-3, ISO 14362-1

ILT-U-2537Deterioration to UV light determination

Deterioration to UV light (200 hs). According to ISO 4892-3

ILT-U-1923Determination of absorption in nonwovens

Description: Absorption Method: ISO 9073-6

ILT-U-231Determination of breaking strength and elongation of fabrics

Description: ASTM D5034 (NTC 754-1) Method: ASTM D5034, NTC 754-1

ILT-U-814Determination of burning behaviour

Description: method A. Method: ISO 15025

ILT-U-1525Determination of coating adhesion – Textile

Description: Determination of coating adhesion Method: ISO 2411

ILT-U-345Determination of color fastness to light and transpiration.

Description: AATCC 15 and AATCC 16 (NTC 1479 and 772) Method: AATCC 15, AATCC 16, NTC 1479, NTC 772

ILT-U-234Determination of color fastness to rubbing

Description: Dry and wet Method: AATCC 8, NTC 786

ILT-U-399Determination of colour fastness to chlorinated pool water.

Description: ISO 105-E03 and NTC 850 Method: ISO 105-E03, NTC 850

ILT-U-398Determination of colour fastness to sea water

Description: NTC 850 Method: NTC 850

ILT-U-453Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying

Description: ISO 5077 Method: ISO 5077

ILT-U-430Determination of dimensional stability to washing

Description: BS EN ISO 6330 Method: BS EN ISO 6330

ILT-U-1163Determination of distension and strength of surface in leather

Description: Distension and strength of surface Method: ISO 3379

ILT-U-705Determination of ethoxylated alkylphenols

Description: Method: ISO/DIS 18218-2

ILT-U-1975Determination of Extractable Metals in textile

Description: Determination of Extractable Metals (Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Antimony (Sb)) by Salivary Solution (by ICP-MS) Method: DIN 54233-4

ILT-U-170Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling

Description: Modified Martindale method Method: EN ISO 12945-2

ILT-U-1164Determination Of Flex Resistance in leather

Description: Flexometer Method Method: ISO 5402-1

ILT-U-537Determination of formaldehyde in textiles

Description: Method: VDA 275, ISO 14184-1

ILT-U-987Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame

Description: Heat transmission Method: ISO 9151

ILT-U-1321Determination of length, width of fabric roll

Description: Method: ISO 2286-1

ILT-U-428Determination of mass per unit area of fabric

Description: ISO 3801 Method: ISO 3801

ILT-U-455Determination of mass per unit area using small samples

Description: ISO 12127 Method: ISO 12127

ILT-U-701Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method

Description: Method: ISO 13934-1

ILT-U-985Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the grab method

Description: Maximum force to seam rupture Method: ISO 13935-2

ILT-U-965Determination of maximum force using the grab method

Description: ISO 13934-2 Method: ISO 13934-2

ILT-U-462Determination of number of threads per unit lenght

Description: BS 5441 Method: BS 5441

ILT-U-1216Determination of PCP in textile sample

Description: Textil (HPLC); and Standard solution (HPLC) Method:

ILT-U-068Determination of pH of aqueous extract

Description: ISO 3071 Method: ISO 3071

ILT-U-1924Determination of resistance of the upper and lower terminals

Description: Slide fasteners. Zips Method: BS 3084

ILT-U-815Determination of resistance to water penetration in textile

Description: Method: ISO 811

ILT-U-1303Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break

Description: Breaking force and Elongation at break (using constant rate of extension) Method: ISO 2062

ILT-U-963Determination of tear force of trouser-shaped test specimens

Description: UNE EN ISO 13937-2:2001 Method: ISO 13937-2

ILT-U-424Determination of tear force wing- shaped test specimens

Description: EN ISO 13937-3 Method: EN ISO 13937-3

ILT-U-1166Determination of tear load in Leather

Description: Double edge tear Method: EN ISO 3377-2

ILT-U-1218Determination of tear resistance

Description: Method: ISO 4674-1, ISO 4674-2

ILT-U-429Determination of tearing strength

Description: BS EN ISO 13937-1 Method: BS EN ISO 13937-1

ILT-U-1083Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method

Description: Abrasion (50000 cycles) Method: ISO 12947-2

ILT-U-228Determination of the number warp yarns and weft yarns

Description: ASTM D3775 (NTC 427) Method: ASTM D3775, NTC 427

ILT-U-232Determination of the slippage resistance of yarns at a seam in woven fabrics

Description: Fixed seam opening method Method: ISO 13936-1

ILT-U-1217Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products

Description: Method: ISO 5084

ILT-U-1447Determination of volatile matter in leather

Description: Method: ISO 4684

ILT-U-678Determinations in nonwovens

Description: Determination of mass per unit area Method: ISO 9073-1, EN 29073-1

ILT-U-451Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration

Description: Colour fastness to perspiration Method: ISO 105 E04, GB/T 3922

ILT-U-229Dimensional change after washing cloth home

Description: AATCC 135 Method: AATCC 135

ILT-U-1282Dimensional stability and wash/dry cycle

Description: Method: AATCC 150

ILT-U-1323Dimensional Stability During Domestic Washing And Drying Procedures

Description: Method: SANS 11167

ILT-U-1650Disperse dyes determination

Description: Disperse dyes Method: DIN 54231

ILT-U-1815Drying Rate of Fabrics

Description: Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method; and Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method Method: AATCC 200, AATCC 201

ILT-U-2005Electric shock resistance of leather

Description: Electric shock resistance Method: ASTM F2412

ILT-U-1287Emission of formaldehyde in fabrics

Description: Method: AATCC 112

ILT-U-2052ESD, Resistance to ground

Description: Footwear qualification Method: ANSI/ESD STM9.1

ILT-U-1945Extractable Metals in textiles

Description: Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Cobalt, Chromium, Nickel and Antimony by ICP-MS) Method: EPA 3052

ILT-U-1025Extratible HM in textile

Extratible HM

ILT-U-1660Fabric and leather determinations

Description: Determination of thickness; Flex resistance (Dry 100.000 cycles); Flexing resistance of outsole; and Fiber Analysis: Quantitative Method: AATCC 20A, ISO 20344, ISO 17694, ISO 2589

ILT-U-1362Fabric determinations

Description: Tissue weight; Density in flat tissues; and Tensile strength and elongation of flat fabrics. Method: NBR 10591, NBR 11912, NBR 10588

, ILT-U-2281Face mask determinations

Synthetic Blood Penetration for Face Masks. (80 mmHg). According to ISO 22609 and ASTM F1862

ILT-U-680Failure in sewn seams determination in Textile

Description: Method: ASTM D1683

ILT-U-1121Fastness determination

Description: Colour fastness to chlorinated water; Colour fastness to sea water; and Colour fastness to water Method: ISO 105-E01, ISO 105-E02, ISO 105-E03

ILT-U-375Fiber Analysis: qualitative and quantitative determinations

Description: AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A Method: AATCC 20, AATCC 20A

ILT-U-047Fires test in upholstered furniture

Description: IMO A.652 (16) Annex 1, Part 7 of the Fire Test Procedures Code, Resolution MSC.61 (67) Method: IMO A.652

ILT-U-484Flame propagation determination

Description: Flame propagation (Method 1 samples <700 g/m2, and Method 2 samples >700 g/m2) Method: NFPA 701

ILT-U-1010Flame resistance in textile

Description: Method: ASTM D6413

ILT-U-224Flame retardants determination

Determination of certain flame retardants (Brominated flame retardants and Phosphorus flame retardants) Method: ISO 17881-1, ISO 17881-2

ILT-U-1319Flammability of clothing

Description: Method: 16 CFR 1610, 16 CFR 1615, 16 CFR 1616

ILT-U-1556Flammability of fabric sample

Description: Method: 16 CFR 1500.52, 16 CFR 1500.53, 16 CFR 1500.51, 16 CFR 1500.48, 16 CFR 1500.49

ILT-U-307Flammability of materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles

Description: FMVSS 302 Method: FMVSS 302

ILT-U-1288Flammability of textile fabrics

Description: Method: ASTM D1230

ILT-U-971Flammability test with 50 washes

Description: 16 CFR 1615 Method: 16 CFR 1615

ILT-U-651Flammabilty Test

Description: Flammability Method: ISO 3795

ILT-U-639Flex resistance test in Textile

Description: Flex resistance Method: EN 13512

ILT-U-265Flexing resistance of upper materials – Bally flexometer

Description: Dry 100.000 cycles; Wet 10.000 cycles; and Cold (-5ºc) 10.000 cycles Method: SATRA TM55

ILT-U-801Footware determination


TDM Blade cut. According to ASTM F2992, ISO 13997

Standard :, ASTM F2992, [:en]ISO 13997 [:]

ILT-U-1341Footware determinations


Toe impact test. According to ISO 20344:2021

Standard :, ISO 20344

ILT-U-3404Footware determinations


Footwear slip resistance.  ('Backward forepart-Ceramic-NaLS' test conditions). According to ISO 20344:2021 clause 5.14

Standard :, ISO 20344

ILT-U-3396Footware determinations


Anti-static properties. According to ISO 20344:2021 

Standard :, ISO 20344

ILT-U-1531Footwear determination

Description: Sole bond strength test Method: ISO 17708

ILT-U-2996Footwear determination


Test method to assess antibacterial activity. Acording to ISO 16187

Standard :ISO 16187,

ILT-U-3015Footwear determination


Separation force between shoe upper and outsole and between layers in multi-layer soles, Resistance to impact, Resistance to pressure, Resistance to puncture of the shoe with metallic inserts with resistance to puncture, Resistance to puncture of the shoe with non-metallic insoles with resistance to puncture, Electrical contact resistance, Slip resistance of shoes, Energy absorption capacity in the heel area, Tearing force of shoe upper, lining and/or tongue, Abrasion resistance of the lining and insole (50.000 Cycles), Tearing force for outsoles, Abrasion resistance of the outsole, Flexural behavior of the outsole. According to ISO 20344

Standard :ISO 20344

ILT-U-3095Footwear determination


Conformity of inserts and Penetration resistance. According to ISO 20344 clause 5.8

Standard :ISO 20344

ILT-U-3163Footwear determination


ESD product qualification. According to IEC 61340-4-3

Standard :IEC 61340-4-3

ILT-U-2329Footwear determinations

Sole adhesion test, Breaking strength of shoe lace, Tensile strength of outsole

ILT-U-1226Footwear determinations – Clamping strength

Description: Method: SATRA TM150, SATRA TM175, SATRA TM149

ILT-U-1227Footwear determinations – Strength measurement

Description: Method: SATRA TM113, SATRA TM180, SATRA TM53

ILT-U-1225Footwear determinations – Tear strength

Description: Method: ISO 4674-1, SATRA TM162, SATRA TM43

ILT-U-619Footwear determinations. 02

Description: Puncture resistance; Impact resistance of dropouts; Compression resistance of dropouts; Internal length of the stop; Cutting height; Corrosion resistance of metal stops Ergonomic characteristics; Tear resistance; and Seam resistance Method: ISO 17697, ISO 20344, ISO 34-1

ILT-U-306Footwear determinations. 03

Description: Breaking force of buckles (three point bending test); Strength of fastened buckles; and Hardness of rubber and plastics – durometer method (Type of durometer A or D) Method: SATRA TM141, SATRA TM151, SATRA TM205

ILT-U-267Footwear determinations. 04

Description: Tear strength (trouser leg method), and Peel strength of footwear sole bonds Method: SATRA TM30, SATRA TM411

ILT-U-1224Footwear determinations. 05

Description: Method: SATRA TM51,SATRA TM52, SATRA TM226

ILT-U-632Formaldehyde determination in Textile

Description: Formaldehyde Method: ISO 14184-1, ISO 14184-2, AATCC 112

ILT-U-1943Free formaldehyde determination

Description: Determination of the free formaldehyde in process auxiliaries Method: ISO 27587

ILT-U-1911Full Shoe Flex determination

Description: ½ pair 100.000 (cycles) Flexes Method: SATRA TM92

ILT-U-1871Furniture and fabric determinations.

Description: Cover Fabric Test; Barrier Materials Test; Resilient Filling Materials Test; General safety requirements; Stability; and Product information Method: California Technical Bulletin 117, EN 14749

ILT-U-2580Geotextile determination

Tensile test for joints/seams by wide-width strip method. According to ISO 10321

, ILT-U-2632Geotextile determination


Root resistance test. According to PD CEN/TS 14416

Standard :PD CEN/TS 14416,

, ILT-U-2613Geotextile determination


Impact Resistance (Hard Support), Impact Resistance (Soft Support). According to BS EN 12691

Standard :BS EN 12691,

, ILT-U-2633Geotextile determination


Tear Resistance (Nail Shank). According to BS EN 12310-1

Standard :BS EN 12310-1,

ILT-U-1985Geotextile determinations

Description: Determining Apparent Opening Size of a Geotextile; Trapezoidal tear strength test; and Grab Breaking load and Elongation Method: ASTM D4533, ASTM D4632, ASTM D4751

ILT-U-2316Geotextile determinations

Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Determination of thickness and mass per unit area

ILT-U-2282Geotextile determinations

Weight, Width, Thickness, Wide-Width Tensile, Trapezoidal Tear Strength, Puncture Strength, CBR Puncture

ILT-U-2315Geotextile determinations

Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Determination of tensile properties, Resistance to tearing (nail shank), and Tensile properties of Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing

ILT-U-1984Geotextile determinations. 01

Description: Determination of water permeability test; and Characteristic opening size (AOS) Test Method: ISO 12956, ISO 11058

ILT-U-052Geotextile determinations. 02

Description: Tensile Properties; Trapezoid Tearing Strength; Grab Breaking Load and Elongation; and Index Puncture Resistance Method: ASTM D4833, ASTM D4533, ASTM D4632, ASTM D4595

ILT-U-1343Geotextile determinations. 03

Description: Method: ISO 12236, ISO 10319, ISO 25619

ILT-U-446Geotextile determinations. 04

Description: Tensile Properties; Trapezoid Tearing Strength; Static Puncture Strength; and Grab Breaking Load and Elongation Method: ASTM D4632, ASTM D4533, ASTM D4595, ASTM D6241

, ILT-U-2467Glove determinations

Glove lenght, Gloved finger dexterity. According to ISO 21420

, ILT-U-2882Gloves determination


Cut Resistance. According to ASTM F2992

Standard :ASTM F2992,

, ILT-U-2885Gloves determination


Small splashes of molten metal, and Large quantity of molten metal, Aluminum splashes, Iron splashes EN 407 

Standard :[:es]EN 407[:]

, , ILT-U-1550Gowns determinations.

Description: Synthetic Blood Penetration Method: ISO 16603

ILT-U-2006Hardness determination in leather

Description: Hardness (Type A or Type D) Method: ISO 868

, , ILT-U-2643Harmful substances in textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries determination


Perfluorooctane sulfonates and perfluorooctanoic acid. According to GB/T 29493.2

Standard :GB/T 29493.2,

, , ILT-U-2644Harmful substances in textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries determination


Formaldehyde in emulsion polymers. According to GB/T 29493.5

Standard :GB/T 29493.5,

ILT-U-062Heavy metals, Disperse dyes, Organo tins and Pthalates in polymers in Textiles

Description: Heavy metals; Disperse dyes; Organo tins; and Pthalates in polymers Method: ISO 105 E04, DIN 53316, ISO 17353, ASTM D3465, CPSC-CH-C1001-09

, ILT-U-2433Heel determination

Heel Attachment Strength. According to EN 12785

ILT-U-1610Heel fatigue resistance

Description: Heel fatigue resistance (2000 cycles) Method: ISO 19956

, ILT-U-2414Hydraulic Abrasion Resistance determination in polyester geotextile

Hydraulic Abrasion Resistance. According to Draft ISO Standard based on German BAW Procedure

ILT-U-1285Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method

Description: Burst resistance Method: ASTM D3786

ILT-U-294Lateral impact test for shoe heels

Description: Method: SATRA TM20

ILT-U-1368Lead determination in leather

Description: Method: ISO 17072-2

ILT-U-631Lead determination in Textile

Description: Lead Method: CPSC-CH-E-1002-08.1, CPSC-CH-E-1003-09.1, CPSC-CH-E-1001-08.1

ILT-U-3151Leahter determination


Phenol. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-39

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-39

ILT-U-1549Leather – Chemical determinations

Description: pH; Pb, Co, Cr and Ni; Chromium VI; and formaldehyde content Method: ISO 17075, ISO 17072-2, ISO 4045, ISO 17226-1, ISO 17072-1

ILT-U-1162Leather – Physical and mechanical tests – Determination of tear load

Description: Single edge tear resistance Method: ISO 3377-1

ILT-U-1408Leather and textile determinations. 1A

Description: Single edge tear; Double edge tear – Baumann; Vamp flex; Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method (50000 cycles); and pH of textiles Method: ISO 12947-2, SATRA TM25, ISO 3377-1, ISO 3071, ISO 5402-2

ILT-U-1352Leather and textile determinations. 1B

Description: C/F to Rubbing (Veslic); C/F to Rubbing (circular) Dry: 256 revolutions; C/F to Rubbing (circular) wet: 128 revolutions; vamp Flex test (Room temperature. Dry: 100.000 cycles); vamp Flex test (Room temperature. wet: 100.000 cycles); Heel fatigue for shoe heels (20.000 cycles); Thickness of leather; Color fastness to water (method 1); and Color fastness to perspiration (method 2, alkaline solution) Method: ISO 5402-1, ISO 2589, ISO 11640

ILT-U-2897Leather determiantion


Chemical determination of the preservative (TCMTB, PCMC, OPP, OIT). According to ISO 13365-1

Standard :ISO 13365

ILT-U-3142Leather determiantion


Chlorinated Paraffins.

Standard :

ILT-U-1417Leather determination

Description: Identification of leather with microscopy Method: ISO 17131

ILT-U-967Leather determination


Water resistance of flexible leather. Repeated linear compression (penetrometer bally). According to ISO 5403-1

Standard :ISO 5403-1

ILT-U-163Leather determination


Water repellency. According to ISO 17231

Standard :ISO 17231

ILT-U-2582Leather determination


Electric resistance anti-static footwear - Wet and Dry. According to ISO 20344 Clause 5.10

Standard :ISO 20344

ILT-U-2752Leather determination


Chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather. Thermal pre-ageing of leather and determination of hexavalent chromium. According to ISO 10195

Standard :ISO 10195,

ILT-U-2838Leather determination


Degree evaluation in dry and wet. According to EN ISO 17700

Standard :EN ISO 17700 – A,

ILT-U-3039Leather determination


Alkylphenol (AP) and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs). According to ISO 18218-1

Standard :ISO 18218-1

ILT-U-3045Leather determination


Ortho-phenylphenol (OPP), and Chlorinated Phenols. According to LMBG B 82.02-8

Standard :LMBG B 82.02-8

ILT-U-3046Leather determination


Formaldehyde (Colorimetric). According to GB T 19941.2

Standard :GB T 19941.2

ILT-U-3064Leather determination


Water absorption in leather. According to ISO 19074

Standard :ISO 19074

ILT-U-3078Leather determination


Water absorption, Kubelka. According to ISO 2417

Standard :ISO 2417

ILT-U-3079Leather determination


Uppers – Resistance. According to ISO 17698

Standard :

ILT-U-2928Leather determination


Bactericides CMIT, MIT BIT, Triclosan 

Standard :

ILT-U-3140Leather determination


Carcigenic arylamines. According to ISO 17234-1

Standard :[:en]ISO 17234-1[:]

ILT-U-3141Leather determination


Compounds Perfluorinated (PFC'S)

Standard :

ILT-U-3143Leather determination


Solvents residues. According to ISO 16189

Standard :ISO 16189

ILT-U-3146Leather determination


Bisphenols. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-40

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-40

ILT-U-3148Leather determination


Content in Glutaraldehyde. According to method: Aqueous extraction

Standard :

ILT-U-3149Leather determination


Flame retardants Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-30

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-30

ILT-U-3150Leather determination


Organic tin compounds. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-17

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-17

ILT-U-3152Leather determination


Chlorinated paraffins. Accorgin to GC-MS

Standard :

ILT-U-3157Leather determination


Extractable heavy metals. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-10

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-10

ILT-U-3153Leather determination


Pesticides. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-6, ML-6 (A-B-C) v.2.0

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-6, ML-6 (A-B-C) v.2.0

ILT-U-3156Leather determination


Total heavy metals. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-10

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-10

ILT-U-3154Leather determination


Dimethyl Fumarate. Accordignt to EN 17130

Standard :EN 17130

ILT-U-3155Leather determination


Chlorinated phenols and OPP content. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-7

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 ML-7

ILT-U-3159Leather determination


Total: Chrome, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead, and Nickel. According to ISO 17072-2

Standard :[:en]ISO 17072-2 [:es]ISO 17072/2 [:]

ILT-U-3161Leather determination


Water-soluble matter, Water-soluble inorganic matter, Water-soluble organic matter. According to ISO 4098

Standard :ISO 4098

ILT-U-3162Leather determination


Nitrogen content and "hide substance" — Titrimetric method. According to ISO 5397

Standard :ISO 5397

ILT-U-3176Leather determination


Pesticide residues content. According to ISO 22517

Standard :ISO 22517

ILT-U-3277Leather determination


Chromic Oxide ISO 5398-1, ABNT NBR ISO 5398-1

Standard :ISO 5398-1

ILT-U-3394Leather determination


Sole adhesion test. According to BS 5131 Part 5,  SATRA TM 404

Standard :, BS 5131, [:en]SATRA TM404[:]

ILT-U-3267Leather determination.


Chromium content. According to NMX-A-230-1982

Standard :NMX-A-230-1982

ILT-U-3147Leather determinations


UV stabilizers. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-18

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-18

ILT-U-3299Leather determinations


Chromic oxide content. Quantification by inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer. According to ISO 5398-4

Standard :ISO 5398-4,

ILT-U-3335Leather determinations.


Total content of certain bisphenols. According to ISO 11936

Standard :ISO 11936,

ILT-U-1594Leather determinations. 01

Description: Resistance to water penetration Maeser, and Abrasion Resistance Method: ISO 4649, ASTM D2099

ILT-U-1906Leather determinations. 02

Description: Paints and Varnishes. Cross-Cut Test; Chromium(VI); Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing; and Detrmination of 4-AMINOAZOBENZENE Method: ISO 2409, ISO 11640, ISO 17075, ISO 17234-2

ILT-U-1857Leather determinations. 03

Description: Determination of the total metal content in leather; Determination of the total metal content in leather; tear strength of leather using a double edged tear; Behaviour of the surface of a leather on rubbing with a wool felt; Leather identification by microscopy; and Determination of the thickness of the surface coating Method: ISO 17186, ISO 17131, ISO 11640, EN ISO 3377-2, ISO 17072-1, ISO 17072-2

ILT-U-1837Leather determinations. 04

Description: Impact from above with high energy droplets (Rain Tower) Method: EN 14360

ILT-U-733Leather determinations. 05

Description: Outsole flex resistance; Abrasion resistance test; PH Content; Metallic accessories Corrosion resistance; and Color fastness Rubbing test Method: AATCC 116, ISO 20344, ISO 4045, ISO 20871, ISO 22775, ISO 17707

ILT-U-783Leather determinations. 06

Description: Preparation of samples for chemical tests; Determination of volatile matters; Determination of pH; Method of determination of sulphated total ash and sulphated ash of insoluble in water. Method of determination of soluble materials in dichloromethane or other suitable solvents; Method of determination of soluble materials in dichloromethane or other suitable solvents; and Determination of the chromium oxide content of leather and its quantification by atomic absorption spectrometry Method: ISO 4045, ISO 4684, IRAM 8503, NTE INEN 1055, NTE INEN 1063, ISO 4044, ISO 5398-3

ILT-U-728Leather determinations. 07

Description: Thickness determination; Determination of tensile strength and percentage elongation; Determination of the resistance to tearing by the method of two edges on leathers; Tongue method for determining tear strength; and Determination of abrasion resistance by rotating drum device Method: ISO 2589, ISO 3376, ISO 3377-2, ISO 3377-1, ISO 4649

ILT-U-732Leather determinations. 08

Description: Slip Resistance test; Shoe peeling strength Test; Perspiration resistance test; and Water absorption & desorption test Method: ISO 5404, ISO 22649, ISO 22652, SATRA TM404, ISO 13287

ILT-U-1681Leather determinations. 10

Description: Tear strength (Double edge); tensile strength & extension; dynamic water resistance by Maeser tester; chromic oxide content; chromium (IV) content; and pH Method: ISO 4045, ISO 17075, ISO 3377-2, ISO 3376, ISO 5403-2, ISO 5398-1

ILT-U-1630Leather determinations. 11

Description: Determination of thickness; density; determination of tear load; flex resistance; penetration resistance of inserts; outsole abrasion resistance; impact resistance; effect of high temperature for non-metals toecaps; flexing resistance of outsole; and electric shock resistance. Method: ISO 2589, ISO 2781, ISO 3377-2, ISO 20344, ISO 17694, ASTM F2412

ILT-U-1289Leather determinations. 12

Description: Azo Dyes; and Pentachlorophenol Method: ISO 17234-1, ISO 17070, ISO 17234-2

ILT-U-554Leather determinations. 13

Description: Chromic Oxide in leather; Total Lead; and Chromium and Aluminum Method: ISO 5398-1, EN 71-3, CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3

ILT-U-179Leather determinations. 14

Description: pH; Cr VI; Formaldehyde; Phthalates; Heavy metals; and Organo tin Method: ISO 4045, ISO 17075, ISO/TS 17226-2, ISO/TS 16181, ISO 17072-2, EN 14602, ISO/TS 16179, HAP ZEK 01.4-08

ILT-U-1284Light fastness and evaluation of aging

Description: Method 3 Method: AATCC 16

ILT-U-1120Light fastness determination

Description: Determination (as bright+colour) moisturized sweat Method: ISO 105-B07

ILT-U-1129Light fastness determination. 01

Description: Determination (as bright+colour) Method: ISO 105-B10

ILT-U-1118Light fastness determination. 02

Description: Determination (as bright+colour) Method: ISO 105-B02

ILT-U-1119Light fastness determination. 03

Description: Set 3 Method 4 – 320h Method: ISO 105-B06

ILT-U-2017Linear density determination in textiles

Description: Linear density Method: ISO 1973

ILT-U-2171Mask determinations

Description: Seam Strength (Per Seam Type) Method: EN 14325, EN 13935-2

ILT-U-2168Mask determinations. 01

Description: Resistance to Dry Microbial Penetration Method: ISO 22612

ILT-U-2167Mask determinations. 02

Description: Resistance to Wet Bacterial Penetration Method: ISO 22610

ILT-U-677Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric

Description: Method: ASTM D3776

ILT-U-2015Mass per unit area determinations in geotextiles

Description: Mass per unit area Method: ASTM D5261

ILT-U-2010Matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content determination for leathers.

Description: Matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content Method: ISO 4048

, ILT-U-3278Mattress determination


Combustion resistance of mattresses — Cigarette test. According to CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.7-2023

Standard :CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.7

ILT-U-964Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions in textile

Description: UNE – EN 31092:1996 Method: UNE – EN 31092

ILT-U-426Mechanical and physical tests in leather

Description: Tensile strength and percentage elongation; tear load; Water vapour permeability and Water vapour absorption. Method: ISO 17229, ISO 14268, ISO 3377-2, ISO 3376

, ILT-U-2478Medical gloves determinations

Water Leak sample, Force at Break – Unchallenged, Force at Break – Challenged, Glove Length and Width, Protein – Modified Lowry. According to EN 455-1, EN 455-2, EN 455-3

ILT-U-471Moulded plastics footwear

Description: Lined or unlined polyurethane boots for general industrial use. Anex C (-5ºC x 150.000 cycles); and Lined or unlined poly(vinyl chloride) boots for general industrial use. Anex C (-5ºC x 150.000 cycles) Method: ISO 5423, ISO 4643

, ILT-U-2693Nickel determination


Detection of nickel. Accrosing to EN 12472

Standard :EN 12472,

ILT-U-613Non woven geotextile determinations

Description: Mass per unit area; determination of thickness at 2kpa presser; and static puncture test (CBR Test) Method: ISO 9864, ISO 9863-1, ISO 12236

ILT-U-695Number of filaments of a thread

Description: In house methodology Method:

ILT-U-1084Object-Color evaluation in textile

Object-Color Evaluation (Spectrometric data). According to ASTM E1164

ILT-U-452Odors determination

Description: SNV 195 651 Method: Oeko-Tex 201 M-16

ILT-U-2615Oil repellency. Hydrocarbon resistance determination in textile


Oil repellency. Hydrocarbon resistance. According to  AATCC 118

Standard :AATCC 118,

ILT-U-464Organotin compounds determination

Description: ISO 16179 Method: ISO 16179

ILT-U-3390Outsole determination


Outsole flex resistance. Accoridng to ISO 17707, ISO 20344

Standard :, ISO 20344, [:en]ISO 17707[:]

ILT-U-3395Outsole determinations


Abrasion resistance of the outsole. According to ISO 20344 Clause 8.4

Standard :, ISO 20344

, ILT-U-2413Oxidation Resistance - 25 year attestation determination in polyester geotextile

Oxidation Resistance – 25 year attestation. According to ISO 13438

ILT-U-1003Parts Sizing determination

Description: Method: NBR 12071

ILT-U-2521Phthalate’s determination


ILT-U-633Phthalates content determination in Textile

Description: Phthalates content Method: ISO 14362-1, ISO 17234-1

ILT-U-1022Phthalates in polymers

Description: Method: CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3

ILT-U-714Physical determinations in leather

Description: Thickness; and Tensile strength and elongation Method: ISO 2589, ISO 3376

ILT-U-235Pilling Resistance of Textile Fabrics

Description: ASTM D3512 (NTC 2051-2) Method: ASTM D3512, NTC 2051-2

ILT-U-1928Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) determination

Description: PAH in footwear materials (by GC-MS ) Method: ISO/TS 16190

, ILT-U-2944Polyethylene determination


Type 2 and 5 Tensile strength and elongation. Before and after UV.  Ultraviolet aging UVA-340. According to ISO 527-3, ISO 4892-3

Standard :ISO 527-3, ISO 4892-3,

ILT-U-1790Preservatives determination in leather

Description: Preservatives Method: EN 71-9

, ILT-U-2280Protective clothing determination

Protective clothing against pesticide

ILT-U-1717Protective clothing determinations

Description: Puncture resistance; tear resistance; color measurement in new state; color measurement after exposure to light; determination of contact heat transmission through protective clothing or constituent materials; oil repellency-Hydrocarbon resistance test ; determination of resistance to damage by flexing method C: Crumple flex; abrasion resistance, Martindale Method: ISO 5740, ISO 7854,ISO 12127, ISO 14419, EN 863, ISO 9173-4, ISO 20471

, ILT-U-2487Protective glove determinations

pH, Sizing and measurement, Finger dexterity. According to ISO 21420

ILT-U-1004Qualitative and quantitative analysis in textile

Description: Method: NBR 13538, NBR 11914

ILT-U-1298Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibers

Description: Method: ISO 1833

ILT-U-2536Quantitative analysis of fibers

Quantitative analysis. According to GB/T 2910-20

ILT-U-388Quantitative analysis of fibers. Textile

Description: NTC 481. Method: NTC 481

ILT-U-226Quantitative Analysis of Textiles

Description: ASTM D629 Method: ASTM D629

ILT-U-1316Quantitative chemical analysis

Description: Separation of fibers Method: ISO 1833-3, ISO 1833-11, ISO 1833-10, ISO 1833-12, ISO 1833-13, ISO 1833-14, ISO 1833-16, ISO 1833-15, ISO 1833-17, ISO 1833-1, ISO 1833-18, ISO 1833-19, ISO 1833-20, ISO 1833-23, ISO 1833-22, ISO 1833-21, ISO 1833-24, ISO 1833-4, ISO 1833-5, ISO 1833-6, ISO 1833-7, ISO 1833-8, ISO 1833-9

ILT-U-1528Quantitative chemical analysis in fabric sample

Description: Mass fraction of polyester fiber mixed with cotton; Mass fraction of wool fiber in a two-component and pure-wool mixture; and Mass fraction of viscose fiber Method: GB/T 2910.14, GB/T 2910.8

ILT-U-590Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles

Description: Mixtures of acetate and certain other fibres (method using acetone) Method: ISO 1833-3

ILT-U-454Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles. 01

Description: Ternary fiber mixtures Method: ISO 1833-2

ILT-U-329Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles. 02

Description: ISO 1833 Method: ISO 1833-1 (annex B).

ILT-U-1716Resistance to water penetration determination

Description: Resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-flexing; and resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-influence of fuel and oil Method: EN 343

ILT-U-1838Respiratory protective devices

Description: Conditioning; Visual inspection; Inflammability; Penetration of filter material; Carbon dioxide content in the inhalation air; and Respiration resistance Method: EN 149

ILT-U-478Rubber products determinations

Description: Chemical Analysis Method: ASTM D297

ILT-U-1877Safety shoes determinations

Description: Impact resistance; Slip Resistance; Thermal insulation; Electrical resistance; Hydrolysis; and Resistance to electrical voltage (Withstand test voltage) Method: EN 50321, ISO 20344

, ILT-U-2827Schoolbag determination


Force required to break shoulder straps. According to NF G 92 005:1989

Standard :NF G 92 005,

ILT-U-2486Shoe determination

UV light Fastness Test. Acoording to FGT-04

ILT-U-915Shoe lace determinations

Description: Knot slippage test; Abrasion resistance (method 1 abrasion cycles 20.000); and Shoe lace to shoe lace and shoe lace to lace carrier abrasion (method 1 abrasion cycles 20.000) Method: SATRA TM154, SATRA TM195, ISO 22774

, ILT-U-2652Shoes determinations


Footwear for Electrical Protection. Insulating Footwear and Overboots Electrical. According to EN 50321-1 Clause 5.2

Standard :[:en]EN 50321[:],

ILT-U-389Skewness Change in Fabric and Garment Twist.

Description: Resulting from Automatic Home Laundering Method: NTC 5121, AATCC 179

ILT-U-1926Slide fasteners

Description: Resistance of slide fasteners Method: DIN 3419-1

ILT-U-908Smoothness appearance of fabrics after cleansing

Description: Method: ISO 7768

ILT-U-1574Solar UV protective properties in textile

Description: Method: EN 13758-1

ILT-U-1281Solidity of dyes to sweat

Description: Method: AATCC 15

ILT-U-230Spirality after laundering determination

Description: Woven and knitted fabrics Method: ISO 16322-2

ILT-U-2011Sulphated total ash and sulphated water-insoluble ash determination for leathers

Description: Sulphated total ash and sulphated water-insoluble ash Method: ISO 4047

ILT-U-2196Surface active agents determinations

Description: Colour measurement (intrinsic yellowing, greying, whiteness); Tensile strength; Cotton fluidity; and Ash content Method: AS/NZS 4146, ISO 4312

ILT-U-078Suture thread determinations

Description: Suture diameter determination test; Tensile Test; and Swage Test Method: NBR 13904

ILT-U-168Tear strength and breaking strength and elongation determinations

Description: ASTM D 1424 Method: ASTM D1424, ASTM D5034

ILT-U-1286Tearing strength of fabrics by tongue

Description: Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Tongue (Single Rip) Procedure (Constant-Rate-of-Extension Tensile Testing Machine) Method: ASTM D2261

ILT-U-269Tensile and elongation of yarn

Tensile and elongation

ILT-U-2007Tensile strength and elongation for outsoles

Description: Tensile strength and elongation Method: EN 12803

ILT-U-1026Tensile Strength and elongation in leather

Description: Method: ISO 3376

ILT-U-640Tensile strength determination in Textile

Description: Tensile strength Method: EN 13522

ILT-U-1927Tensile strength of zip fasteners

Description: Annex B, D, E, G, I, J, and H Method: EN 16732

ILT-U-289Test for adhesion of finish in leather

Description: Method: ISO 11644

ILT-U-397Test for colour fasness to hot pressing.

Description: ISO 105 – X 11 and NTC 766. Method: NTC 766, ISO 105 – X 11

ILT-U-589Test for colour fastness to rubbing

Description: Method: ISO 105 X12, GB/T 3920

ILT-U-1318Test for Dimensional Change of Knit Cotton Fabric

Description: Method: ASTM D1231

ILT-U-348Test Method for Linear Density of Yarn (Yarn Number)

Description: ASTM D1907 (NTC 842) Method: ASTM D1907, NTC 842

ILT-U-347Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics

Description: Falling-Pendulum (Elmendorf-Type) Apparatus Method: ASTM D1424, NTC 313-2

ILT-U-396Test method for tensile properties of yarns

Description: Sinlge-strand method Method: ASTM D2256, NTC 386

ILT-U-225Test Method for Width of Textile Fabric

Description: ASTM D3774 (NTC 228) Method: ASTM D3774, NTC 228

ILT-U-1619Test methods for footwear

Description: Specific ergonomic features; upper/outsole and sole interlayer bond strength; Sole interlayer bond strength; internal toecap length; impact resistance; compression resistance; Behaviour of toecaps clase I; Behaviour of inserts clase I; Behaviour of toecaps clase II; Behaviour of inserts clase II; Behaviour of non-metalic toecaps; Behaviour of non-metalic inserts; leakproofness; Dimensional conformity of inserts; Penetration resistance of the sole; Flex resistance of penetration -resistant insert; Slip resistance-SRA; Slip resistance-SRB; Slip resistance-SRC; Insulation against heat (150°C); Insulation against heat (250°C); Energy absorption of the seat region; Resistance to water for whole footwear; Thickness of upper; The height of the upper; Tear strength of the upper; Tear strength of the lining; Tear strength of the tongue; Tensile properties of the upper; Upper flexing resistance (rubber); Upper flexing resistance (polymer); Water vapour permeability; Water vapour coefficient; Ph value; Hydrolysis of upper; Chromium VI content; Abrasion resistance of lining DRY25600 WET 12800; Abrasion resistance of lining DRY51200 WET 25600;Abrasion resistance of lining DRY25600 WET 12800; Water penetration and water absorption for upper; Insole thickness; Water absorption and desorption of insole; Water absorption and desorption of insock; Outsole thickness; Tear strength of outsole; Outsole abrasion resistance; Flexing resistance of outsole; Hydrolysis of outsole; Fuel oil; Flexing resistance after fuel oil; Hot contact Method: ISO 20344

ILT-U-1165Tests for colour fastness in leather

Description: Colour fastness to migration into polymeric material Method: ISO 15701

ILT-U-393Tests for colour fastness to drycleaning

Description: EN ISO 105 D01 Method: ISO 105 D 01, AATCC 132

ILT-U-1258Tests for colour fastness. General principles for measurement of surface colour in fabrics

Description: Chromaticity coordinates measurement Method: ISO 105-J01

ILT-U-788Textil determinations

Description: Water Permeability of Geotextiles; and Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes and Related Products Method: ASTM D4833, ASTM D4491

ILT-U-787Textil determinations. 01

Description: Linear Density of Yarn ; Mass Per Unit Area (Weight); and Mass per Unit Area of Geotextiles Method: ASTM D5261, ASTM D3776, ASTM D1907

ILT-U-786Textil determinations. 02

Description: Breaking Force and Elongation Method: ASTM D5034,ASTM D5035

ILT-U-785Textil determinations. 03

Description: Width and length, Apparent Opening Size, and Nominal Thickness Method: ASTM D3374, ASTM D4751, ASTM D5199

ILT-U-1881Textile (parachutes) determinations

Description: Flammability Test; Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles; Conditioning (2 days @ 21C, 65% RH); and Strap strength test Method: PIA 4108E, PIA 502, PIA 504a, ASTM D6413, ASTM D4533, ASTM D6775

ILT-U-1730Textile and leather determinations

Description: Detection of the use of certain azo colorants, which may release 4-aminoazobenzene; detection of the use of certain azo colorants accessible with and without extracting the fibres; determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants; chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather; and colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing Method: ISO 11640, ISO 17075, ISO 14362-3, ISO 14362-1,ISO 17234-1

ILT-U-1729Textile and leather determinations. 01

Description: Determination of resistance to water penetration. Hydrostatic pressure test; determination of flex resistance; determination of pH; determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling – pilling box method; calculation of colour differences; general principles for measurement of surface colour Method: ISO 105 J03, ISO 105-J01, ISO 4045, EN ISO 12945-1, ISO 5402-1, EN 20811

ILT-U-3414Textile determianations


Fiber Composition test parameters. According to EU no. 1007/2011

Standard :EU no. 1007/2011,

ILT-U-1337Textile determiantion

Determination of antibacterial activity. According to ISO 20743, ASTM E2149

ILT-U-3035Textile determiantion


Dynamic water resistance by Maeser Tester (leather). According to ISO 5403-2

Standard :ISO 5403-2

ILT-U-559Textile determiantion


pH of aqueous extract. According to AATCC 81

Standard :AATCC 81

ILT-U-2013Textile determination


Seam strength. According to ISO 20344 and ISO 17697

Standard :ISO 20344, [:en]ISO 17697[:]

ILT-U-1747Textile determination


Resistance to abrasion with change of aspect, and Mass loss after abrasion. According to ASTM D3389

Standard :, ASTM D3389

ILT-U-564Textile determination


Ultraviolet protection factor. According to AATCC 183

Standard :AATCC 183

ILT-U-2351Textile determination

Stratch and recovery test

ILT-U-2382Textile determination
Stain Resistance: Pile Floor Coverings AATCC 175
ILT-U-2381Textile determination
Chemical Spot Test for Formaldehyde (Clause 11) AATCC 94
ILT-U-2425Textile determination

pilling Resistance (Martindale Tester). According to ASTM D4970

ILT-U-1338Textile determination

Tear resistance. According to ISO 13937-4

ILT-U-2535Textile determination

Flammability of textile floor coverings (methenamine pellet). According to ASTM D2859

ILT-U-2540Textile determination

Weather resistance: UV light and moisture exposure. According to AATCC 186

ILT-U-2551Textile determination

Aromatic amines from azo-colorants. According to GB/T 17592

ILT-U-2552Textile determination

Organic tin compounds. According to ISO 22744-1

ILT-U-2579Textile determination

Determination of the behavior of fabrics to the action of a flame. According to Nch 1979

ILT-U-2596Textile determination


Colorfastness to Water Spotting. According to AATCC 104

Standard :[:en]AATCC 104[:],

ILT-U-2599Textile determination


Snagging Resistance of Fabrics (Mace). According to AsSTM D3939

Standard :ASTM D3939,

ILT-U-2616Textile determination


Electrostatic Propensity. According to AATCC 134

Standard :AATCC 134,

ILT-U-2617Textile determination


Rug Back Staining on Vinyl Tile. According to AATCC 137

Standard :AATCC 137,

ILT-U-2618Textile determination


Cleaning: Washing textile floor coverings.  According to AATCC 138

Standard :AATCC 138,

ILT-U-2619Textile determination


Colorfastness to Nitrogen Dioxide. According to AATCC 164

Standard :AATCC 164,

ILT-U-2620Textile determination


Colorfastness to crocking. According to AATCC 165

Standard :

ILT-U-2621Textile determination


Cleaning of carpets: Hot water extraction method. According to AATCC 171

Standard :

ILT-U-2622Textile determination


Qualitative assessment of antibacterial activity on carpets. According to AATCC 174 Part I

Standard :AATCC 174,

ILT-U-2623Textile determination


Quantitative Assessment of Antibacterial Activity on Carpets. According to AATCC 174 Part II

Standard :AATCC 174,

ILT-U-2624Textile determination


Mildew and Rot Resistance. Accoridng to AATCC 174 Part III

Standard :AATCC 174,

ILT-U-2625Textile determination


fluorine content of carpet fibers. According to AATCC 189

Standard :AATCC 189,

ILT-U-2626Textile determination


Water Repellency. According to AATCC 193

Standard :AATCC 193,

ILT-U-2627Textile determination


Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials. According to AATCC 30

Standard :AATCC 30,

ILT-U-2628Textile determination


Water resistance, per pressure. According to AATCC 35

Standard :AATCC 35,

ILT-U-2629Textile determination


Colorfastness to Acids and Alkali. According to AATCC 6

Standard :AATCC 6,

ILT-U-2630Textile determination


Electrical Surface Resistivity. According to AATCC 76

Standard :

ILT-U-2636Textile determination


Visual color evaluation. Fastness to washing (washing temperature 40ºC). According to AATCC EP1, AATCC EP2, ISO 105 C06

Standard :AATCC EP1 and EP2, ISO 105-C06,

ILT-U-2639Textile determination


Alkylphenols And Alkylphenol Polyethoxylates. According to GB/T 23972

Standard :GB/T 23972,

ILT-U-2688Textile determination


Antibacterial activity - Agar diffusion plate test. According to EN ISO 20645

Standard :EN ISO 20645,

ILT-U-2700Textile determination


PFOA & PFOS. According to CEN/TS 15968

Standard :CEN/TS 15968,

ILT-U-2703Textile determination


Elasticity of fabrics. According to ISO 20932-1

Standard :ISO 20932-1,

ILT-U-2726Textile determination


Tensile strength and elongation. According to EN 29073-3 and ISO 9073-3

Standard :EN 29073-3, [:en]ISO 9073-3[:],

ILT-U-2749Textile determination


BPA – Bisphenol A

Standard :

, ILT-U-2852Textile determination


Small parts of baby crib quilt sample (tensile strength). According to EN 16779-1 clause 4.2.2

Small parts of Baby´s crib bumper sample (tensile strength). According to EN 16780 clause 4.2.3

Small parts of Children´s sleeping bag sample (tensile strength)According to EN 16781 clause 4.2.3

Standard :EN 16779-1, EN 16780, EN 16781,

ILT-U-2868Textile determination


Dimensional Change to Commercial Laundering. According to AATCC 96

Standard :AATCC 96,

ILT-U-2869Textile determination


pH in fabrics by potentiometry. According to ASTM D2165

Standard :ASTM D2165,

ILT-U-2893Textile determination


Abrasion resistance of textile fabrics. Observations: Sample side to be tested: Right side (face), Diaphragm Pressure: 4.5 psi, Load (mass): 1 lb, Abrasive: 0-grit sandpaper or 2000-grit wet sandpaper, Stopping point: Breakage of fabric threads. According to ASTM D3886

Standard :ASTM D3886,

, ILT-U-2894Textile determination


Resistance to penetration of the sole, and color fastness to rubbing. Accordign to ISO 20344, BS 1006:1990

Standard :BS 1006, ISO 20344,

ILT-U-2917Textile determination


Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials: Mildew and Rot Resistance of Textile Materials - 7 Day with Glucose. According to AATCC 30

Standard :AATCC 30,

ILT-U-2918Textile determination


Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces S. aureus (Gram-positive) and E. coli (Gram-negative). According to ISO 22196

Standard :ISO 22196,

ILT-U-3014Textile determination


Coefficient of friction for footwear and sole components. According to ISO 24267

Standard :ISO 24267

ILT-U-3016Textile determination


Bow and Skew in Woven and Knitted Fabrics. According to ASTM D3882

Standard :ASTM D3882

ILT-U-3017Textile determination


Colour fastness to saliva. According to LMBG 82.10-1

Standard :LMBG 82.10-1

ILT-U-3023Textile determination


Resistance to liquid penetration, according to EN 20811

Standard :[:en]EN 20811[:]

ILT-U-3028Textile determination


Thickness (leather). According to ASTM D1814

Standard :ASTM D1814

ILT-U-3029Textile determination


Slip Resistance of Footwear. According to ASTM F2913

Standard :ASTM F2913

ILT-U-3030Textile determination


Tensile Strength and Elongation for Uppers (footwear). According to ISO 17706

Standard :ISO 17706

ILT-U-3031Textile determination


Ageing conditioning (footwear). According to ISO 20870

Standard :ISO 20870

ILT-U-3032Textile determination


Adhesion of stuck-on and moulded-on soles (footwear). According to BS 5131 

Standard :BS 5131

ILT-U-3033Textile determination


Dimensional stability (outsoles). According to ISO 20873

Standard :ISO 20873

ILT-U-3026Textile determination


Electrostatics. Protection of electronic components against electrostatic phenomena. According to IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-4-9

Standard :IEC 61340-5-1, IEC 61340-4-9

ILT-U-3034Textile determination


Colour fastness to crocking. According to ISO 20433

Standard :ISO 20433

ILT-U-3037Textile determination


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). According to BS EN 17132

Standard :EN 17132

ILT-U-3038Textile determination


Alkylphenol (AP) and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs). According to ISO 18254-1

Standard :ISO 18254-1

ILT-U-3042Textile determination


Phthalate. According to ISO/FDIS 14389

Standard :ISO/FDIS 14389

ILT-U-3040Textile determination


Extractable Heavy Metals. According to DIN 54233-3

Standard :DIN 54233-3

ILT-U-3043Textile determination


Formaldehyde (UV-VIS Spectrofotometer). According to BS EN 1541, BS EN 645

Standard :EN 1541, EN 645

ILT-U-3048Textile determination


4-Aminoazobenzene Tayini. According to GB/T 23344

Standard :GB/T 23344

ILT-U-3049Textile determination


Formaldehyde. According to GB/T 19941.1

Standard :GB/T 19941.1

ILT-U-3050Textile determination


Formaldehyde GB/T 2912.1

Standard :GB/T 2912.1

ILT-U-3041Textile determination


Chlorinated Benzenes and Toluenes. According to EN 17137

Standard :EN 17137

ILT-U-3044Textile determination


Ortho-phenylphenol (OPP), and Chlorinated Phenols. According to LMBG B 82.02-8

Standard :LMBG B 82.02-8

ILT-U-3072Textile determination


Dynamic footwear penetration test. According to ISO 20344:2011 clause 5.15.2

Standard :ISO 20344

Textile determination


Odors in the textile fabric sample. According to SNR 195 651

Standard :SNR 195 651

ILT-U-591Textile determination


Quantitative chemical analysis. According to ISO 1833-11

Standard :ISO 1833-11

ILT-U-3178Textile determination


Quantitative chemical analysis. According to ISO 1833-20

Standard :ISO 1833-20

ILT-U-3400Textile determination


Quantitative chemical analysis. Mixtures of elastane with certain other fibres (method using dimethylacetamide). According to ISO 1833-20

Standard :, ISO 1833-20

ILT-U-3401Textile determination


Quantitative chemical analysis. Mixtures of acetate and triacetate fibres (method using acetone). According to ISO 1833-8

Standard :, ISO 1833-8

ILT-U-3402Textile determination


Quantitative chemical analysis. Mixtures of acetate with certain other fibres (method using benzyl alcohol). According to ISO 1833-9

Standard :, [:en]ISO 1833-9[:]

ILT-U-3403Textile determination


Pilling resistance (Rub against the fabric). 300 cycles 5 Newtons. According to ASTM D3514 Clause 6.3

Standard :ASTM D3514,

ILT-U-3415Textile determination


Maximum force, Tissue mass per unit length and area, Number of threads for length unit, Tear resistance of textiles. According to NMX-A-059/2-INNTEX-2019, NMX-A-3801-INNTEX-2012, NMX-A-7211/2-INNTEX-2015, NMX-A-9073/3-INNTEX- 2015

Standard :NMX-A-059/2-INNTEX-2019, NMX-A-3801-INNTEX-2012, NMX-A-7211/2-INNTEX-2015, NMX-A-9073/3-INNTEX- 2015,

, ILT-U-3417Textile determination


Concentrations of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD). According to POPs Regulation  (EU) 2019/1021

Standard :EU no. 2019/1021,

ILT-U-1546Textile determination – Color fastness of articles for common use (with artificial saliva)

Description: Determination of the color fastness of articles for common use Part 1 test with artificial Saliva Method: DIN 53160

ILT-U-1507Textile determination, 33

Description: Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area (method 5); Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method; and Burning behaviour — Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens Method: ISO 13934-1, ISO 6940, ISO 3801

ILT-U-218Textile determination.


Tearing Strength, and Breaking Force and Elongation. According to ASTM D5035, ASTM D2261

Standard :ASTM D5035, [:en]ASTM D2261[:]

ILT-U-848Textile determination.

Description: Method: ISO 20344, ISO 17235

ILT-U-2208Textile determination.


Tensile strength, Tear resistance, and Soluble matters in dichloromethane. According to ISO 17706, ISO 17696, ISO 4048

Standard :, ISO 17706, [:en]ISO 4048[:], [:en]ISO 17696[:]

ILT-U-475Textile determination.


Colour fastness to Saliva & Perspiration. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-09

Standard :Oeko-Tex Standard 201 M-09

ILT-U-3276Textile determination.


Flame Resistance, Ignition resistance. According to CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.5 and CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.6

Standard :CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.5, CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.6

ILT-U-3284Textile determination.


Flammability of Children’s Sleepwear. According to16 CFR 1616

Standard :[:en]16 CFR 1616[:]

ILT-U-3323Textile determination.


Flammability of upholstery. According to NBR NM 300-2

Standard :, NM 300-2

ILT-U-3378Textile determination.


Abrasion resistance. According to ASTM D3884

Standard :ASTM D3884,

ILT-U-2222Textile determination. 01

Description: Flammability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame. single-flame Method: ISO 11925-2

ILT-U-2221Textile determination. 02

Description: Colour fastness to spotting – acid Method: ISO 105 E05

ILT-U-2220Textile determination. 03

Description: Colour fastness to bleaching – peroxide Method: ISO 105 N02

ILT-U-2219Textile determination. 04

Description: Colour fastness to mercerizing Method: ISO 105 X04

ILT-U-2218Textile determination. 05

Description: Colour fastness to hot water Method: ISO 105 E08

ILT-U-2217Textile determination. 06

Description: Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering – Oxidative bleach (using a non-phosphate reference detergent) Method: ISO 105 C09

ILT-U-2216Textile determination. 07

Description: Detection and determination of photochromism Method: ISO 105 B05

ILT-U-2215Textile determination. 08

Description: Grey scale for assessing change in colour and Grey scale for assessing staining Method: EN 20105-A02, EN 20105-A03

ILT-U-2214Textile determination. 09

Description: Colour fastness to organic solvents Method: ISO 11643

ILT-U-2212Textile determination. 10

Description: Protective clothing – protection against heat and flames – limited flame spreading materials, material assemblies and clothing Method: ISO 14116

ILT-U-077Textile determination. 11

Description: Kawabata Evaluation System (KES). Evaluation of the touch of the Tissues. Total Hand Value (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Compression, Surface, Thickness, Weight) Method: Kawabata Evaluation System (KES)

ILT-U-1956Textile determination. 12

Description: Heat transmission on exposure to flame Method: EN 367

ILT-U-1958Textile determination. 13

Description: Retroreflection geometry (after washing and flammability) Method: ISO 20471

ILT-U-1957Textile determination. 14

Description: Resistance of materials to penetration by liquids Method: ISO 6530

ILT-U-1932Textile determination. 15

Description: Crease Recovery Angle Method: ISO 2313

ILT-U-1933Textile determination. 16

Description: Abrasion resistance Method: EN 530

ILT-U-1934Textile determination. 17

Description: component safety determination: Pressure springs and the like; Traction Test; and Wash Test (Anexe B and C) Method: CEN/TR 16792

ILT-U-1935Textile determination. 18

Description: Puncture resistance Method: EN 863

ILT-U-1936Textile determination. 19

Description: Retroreflection Method: CIE 54

ILT-U-1937Textile determination. 20

Description: Flexural damage resistance (Matia Method A), and Flexural damage resistance (Crumple/Flex Method C) Method: ISO 7854

ILT-U-1938Textile determination. 21

Description: Abrasion resistance (martindale) Method: ISO 5470-2

ILT-U-1939Textile determination. 22

Description: Dimensional stability to cold water immersion Method: ISO 7771

ILT-U-1940Textile determination. 23

Description: Yarn contraction in a fabric Method: ISO 7211-3

ILT-U-1941Textile determination. 24

Description: Flow Method: ISO 7211-1

ILT-U-1942Textile determination. 25

Description: Oil repellency Method: ISO 14419

ILT-U-1931Textile determination. 26

Description: Convective heat resistance Method: ISO 17493

ILT-U-1930Textile determination. 27

Description: Average fiber diameter (projection microscope method). Method: ISO 137

ILT-U-1925Textile determination. 28

Description: Colour fastness to water Method: ISO 11642

ILT-U-297Textile determination. 29

Description: Colour Fastness. Assessment Of Migration Of Textile Colours Into Polyvinyl Chloride Coatings Method: ISO 105 X10

ILT-U-1117Textile determination. 31

Description: Wrinkle Recovery of Woven Fabrics: Recovery Angle Method: AATCC 66

ILT-U-501Textile determination. 32

Description: Determination of Mass per Unit Area (Gram per square meter); Fiber Content (Polyester% & Cotton %); Threads per Unit Length (Woven fabric Construction); Determination of Dimensional stability to washing (Shrinkage); Tensile strength (Grab Method); Counts of Yarn (Woven fabric); Determination of pH of water extract from wet processed textile; and Soil Release (Oil Stain Release Method) Method: ASTM D5034, ASTM D3775, ASTM D3776, AATCC 135, AATCC 20A, AATCC 20, AATCC 130, ISO 7211-5

ILT-U-2223Textile determination. 35

Description: Burning – Flame of spread of vertically oriented specimens and Ignitability of vertically oriented specimens Method: EN 1624, EN 1625

ILT-U-2246Textile determination. 36

Description: Test Determination of wrinkle recoverability, recovery angle, and Test color fastness to water Method: ASTM D2212, ASTM D2210

ILT-U-1633Textile determination. 37

Description: Determination of thickness; Determination of tensile strength and percentage extension; Determination of tear load – Single edge tear; Determination of flex resistance – Flexometer method; Determination of distension and strength of surface (Ball burst method); Determination of Ph; Tests for colour fastness – Colour fastness to water; Tests for colour fastness – Colour fastness to migration into polymeric material; Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method – Determination of specimen breakdown; Tests for colour fastness- Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing-Dry-Wet: Tests for colour fastness- Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing-Sweat: and Determination of volatile matter Method: ISO 4684, ISO 11640,ISO 12947-2, ISO 15701, ISO 4045, ISO 5402-1, ISO 3379, ISO 3376, ISO 2589, ISO 11642, ISO 11641

ILT-U-2109Textile determination. 38

Description: Colorfastness to Chlorine Bleach, and Non-Chlorine Bleach Method: AATCC TS 001

ILT-U-2110Textile determination. 39

Description: Stretch and Recovery Method: ASTM D3107

ILT-U-2111Textile determination. 40

Description: Weather Resistance of Textiles (Xenon Arc Lamp Exposure) Method: AATCC 169

ILT-U-477Textile determination. 41

Description: Colour fastness to saliva Method: GB/T 18886

ILT-U-476Textile determination. 42

Description: Colour fastness to saliva Method: ISO 20701

ILT-U-1804Textile determination. 44

Description: Odors determination Method: GB 18401

ILT-U-1182Textile determinations

Colour fasteness. Instrumental assessment of relative whiteness, Colour fastness. Calculation of colour differences.

ILT-U-2345Textile determinations

Colour fastness — Method for the instrumental assessment of the degree of staining of adjacent fabrics, Colour fastness — Instrumental assessment of change in colour for determination of grey scale rating

ILT-U-2364Textile determinations

Width determination

ILT-U-2428Textile determinations

Benzoic acid Appearance after washing. Method ISO 15487

ILT-U-2431Textile determinations

Bursting strength – constant rate of extension (CRE) ball burst. According to ASTM D6797

ILT-U-2607Textile determinations


Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Material, and Antibacterial Activity Assessment of Textile Material. Parallel Streak Method. According to AATCC 100, AATCC 147

Standard :AATCC 100, AATCC 147,

ILT-U-3060Textile determinations


Contact heat. According to EN 407, EN 12477, ISO 11612, ISO 12127-1

Standard :EN 12477, ISO 11612, ISO 12127-1, [:es]EN 407[:]

ILT-U-3059Textile determinations


Tear Strength. According to EN 407

Standard :[:es]EN 407[:]

ILT-U-3058Textile determinations


Impact abrasion (Darmstadt & Cambridge) resistance. According to EN 13594, EN 17092-1

Standard :EN 13594, EN 17092-1

ILT-U-3170Textile determinations


Chemical determinations of chromium (VI) content in leather - HPLC. according to ISO 17075-2

Standard :ISO 17075-2

ILT-U-3171Textile determinations


Chlorinated hydrocarbons -SCCPs (Short-chain chlorinated paraffins). According to ISO 18219-1

Standard :ISO 18219-1

ILT-U-3172Textile determinations


Chlorinated hydrocarbons -MCCPs (Middle-chain chlorinated paraffins). According to ISO 18219-2

Standard :ISO 18219-2

ILT-U-3179Textile determinations


Single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension tester. accordign to ISO 2062 Method A and Method D.

Standard :[:en]ISO 2062[:]

ILT-U-3167Textile determinations


Testing and assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the course of awarding the GS mark (Using GC-MS). According to AfPS GS 2019:01

Standard :AfPS GS 2019:01

ILT-U-3297Textile determinations


Wettability / wetting time. According to ISO 4920

Standard :, [:en]ISO 4920[:]

ILT-U-3314Textile determinations


Weaves. According to ISO 3572

Standard :ISO 3572,

ILT-U-3407Textile determinations


All determinations (children's windbreaker jacket sample). According to BS EN 17394.2, CEN TS 17394.1

Standard :CEN TS 17394.1, CEN TS 17394.2,

ILT-U-3408Textile determinations


All determinations (baby onesie sample). According to CEN TS 17394.3, CEN TS 17394.1

Standard :CEN TS 17394.1, CEN TS 17394.3,

ILT-U-3409Textile determinations


All determinations (children's windbreaker jacket sample). According to CEN TS 17394.4, CEN TS 17394.1

Standard :CEN TS 17394.1, CEN TS 17394.4,

ILT-U-1543Textile determinations – Abrasion resistance of fabrics by the martindale method

Description: Abrasion resistance of fabrics by the martindale method -Part 2 specimen breakdown; Part 3 mass loss; and Part 4 appearance change Method: ISO 12947-2, ISO 12947-3, ISO 12947-4

ILT-U-1539Textile determinations – Color fastness to water

Description: Color fastness to water Method: ISO 105-E01, AATCC 107, GB/T 5713

ILT-U-1623Textile determinations – Colorfastness

Description: Colorfastness to Perspiration and Light; drycleaning; heat: hot pressing; water: chlorinated pool; dye transfer in storage; fabric-to fabric; powdered non-chlorine bleach in home laundering; sodium hypchlorite bleach in home laundering; acids and alkalis; crocking. crockmeter method; perspiration; light: xenon-arc; laundering: accelerated; bleaching with hydrogen peroxide; water spotting; water sea; water; ozone in the atmosphere under low humidities; crocking: rotary vertical crockmeter; heat: dry (excluding pressing) Method: AATCC 61, AATCC 6, AATCC 116, AATCC 106, AATCC 8, AATCC 188, AATCC 15, AATCC 101, AATCC 104, AATCC 107, AATCC 109, AATCC 172, AATCC 117, AATCC 125, AATCC 132, AATCC 163, AATCC 133

ILT-U-1540Textile determinations – Colour fastness to rubbing

Description: Test for colour fastness to rubbing; and color fastness to crocking Method: AATCC 8, ISO 105 X12

ILT-U-1541Textile determinations – Colour Fastness; assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials

Description: Colour fastness: Part X18: assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials Method: ISO 105 X18

ILT-U-1534Textile determinations – Determination of mass per unit length

Description: Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area; Determination of mass per unit area using small samples; and Mass per Unit area (Weight) Method:

ILT-U-1536Textile determinations – Dimentional changes detremination

Description: Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; domestic washing and drying procedures ; dimentional changes of fabrics after home laundering; and dimentional changes of garments after home laundering Method: ISO 5077, ISO 6330, AATCC 135, AATCC 150

ILT-U-1542Textile determinations – Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling

Description: Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling – Part 1: pilling box method; and Part 2: modified martindale method Method: ISO 12945-2, ISO 12945-1

ILT-U-1535Textile determinations – Number of threads per unit length deteremination

Description: Number of threads per unit length; and Warp (End); and Filling (Pick) Couunt of Woven Fabrics determinations Method: ISO 7211-2, ASTM D3775

ILT-U-1545Textile determinations – Quick methods for CF chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach

Description: Quick methods for CF chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach; and procedure for appearance of apparel & other textile end products after repeated home laundering Method: TS 001, TS 008

ILT-U-1544Textile determinations – Smoothness appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering

Description: Smoothness appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering; and appearance of apparel and other textile end products after repeated home laundering Method: AATCC 124, AATCC 143

ILT-U-1537Textile determinations – Spirality after laundering determination

Description: Determination of spirality after laundering (woven and knitted fabrics); determination of spirality after laundering (woven and knitted garments); and skewness change in fabric and garment twist resulting from automatic home laundering. Method: ISO 16322-2, AATCC 179, ISO 16322-3

ILT-U-1624Textile determinations – Yarm

Description: Breaking force and breaking elongation of a yarn with cv determination; breaking force and breaking elongation of a yarn; twist by direct counting method; linear density- test with CV determination; and Linear density Method: ISO 2060, ISO 2062, ISO 17202

ILT-U-298Textile determinations - Tensile strength

Description: Double tear resistance, Resistance to breaking and trapping of leather (Lastometer) Method: ASTM D2212, ASTM D2210, ASTM D2207

ILT-U-2286Textile determinations - Upholstered Furniture

Rule :NFPA 260

ILT-U-2213Textile determinations, 34

Description: Colour fastness to mild washing and Colour fastness to machine washing Method: ISO 15702, ISO 15703

ILT-U-1637Textile determinations.


Calculation of colour differences, according to ISO 105-J03, Colour fastness to spotting: Water. According to ISO 105-E07, Fire behavior. According to 16 CFR 1610, Colour fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda. According to ISO 105-C10

Standard :16 CFR 1610, [:en]ISO 105 J03[:], [:en]ISO 105 E07[:], [:en]ISO 105 C10[:]

ILT-U-2172Textile determinations. 01

Description: Liquid Moisture Management Properties Method: AATCC 195

ILT-U-1968Textile determinations. 02

Description: Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling. Part 3: Random tumble pilling method Method: ISO 12945-3

ILT-U-1967Textile determinations. 03

Description: Number of threads per unit length Method: EN 1049-2

ILT-U-1966Textile determinations. 04

Description: Ligament Method: UNE 40161

ILT-U-1961Textile determinations. 05

Description: Number of stitches per unit length and unit area Method: EN 14971

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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