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ILT-U-754Density and moisture content in wood based panels

Description: Method: EN 323, EN 322

ILT-U-1586Determination of moisture content

Description: Method: NCh 176

ILT-U-272Determination of the fire resistance of fire doors and enclosures. WD

Description: Method: EN 1634-1

ILT-U-278Determination of, Core Density and Overall Density Of Polyurethane Foam Pad. WD

Description: ASTM D3574 Method: ASTM D3574

ILT-U-146Flatwise Tensile of Sandwich Core Materials

Description: Method: ASTM C297

ILT-U-925Formaldehyde Content in wood board

Description: Method: EN 717-1

ILT-U-770Formaldehyde content in wood board sample

Description: Method: EN 120

ILT-U-2234Melamine products determination

Description: Plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Overall migration in 10% ethanol (pH>4.5 aqueous foods); Overall migration in 3% acetic acid (pH?4.5 acidic foods); Overall migration in 20% ethanol (alcohol content?20% foods); Overall migration in 50% ethanol (alcohol content>20% or oil in water emulsions); Overall migration in rectified olive oil or substitute of rectified olive oil (fatty foods); Specific migration of primary aromatic amine in 3 % acetic acid; Soluble heavy metal (Al, Ba, Co, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Zn,Ni); Specific migration of formaldehyde in 3% acetic acid; and Specific migration of melamine in 3% acetic acid Method: Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011

ILT-U-926Moisture content in wood

Description: Method: EN 13183-1

ILT-U-1371Panels determinations

Description: Taber Abrasion; and Thickness by Eddy Current. Method: ASTM D4060, ASTM B244

ILT-U-1157Reaction to fire tests

Description: Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame Method: ISO 11925-2

ILT-U-1158Reaction to fire tests for building products

Description: Non-combustibility test Method: ISO 1182

, , ILT-U-2751Residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets determination


Performance tests at rated power, Reduced power, Temperature safety test, NOx emissions (according to D.2.3), VOCs (annex E), and particles (heated filter, point F.2), Electrical consumption (nominal power, reduced power and standby). According to EN 15456, EN 16510-1, EN 14785

Standard :EN 15456, EN 16510-1, EN 14785,

, ILT-U-2446Roomheaters fired by solid fuel determination


Performance tests at rated power, NOx emissions (according to D.2.3), VOCs (annex E), and particles (heated filter, point F.2). According to EN 13240, EN 16510-1

Standard :EN 16510-1,

ILT-U-496Wood based panels and products

Description: EN 717-3 Method: EN 717-3

ILT-U-2820Wood determinations


Density, and Humidity. According to NCh 176/2, NCh 176/1

Standard :NCh 176/2, NCh 176/1,

ILT-U-1171Wood-based panels determinations

Description: Method: ISO 12460-5, ISO 12460-3

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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