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ILT – Interlaboratory Test is a provider of proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparison.

It was created in 2005 by a team of highly experienced professionals in order to manage and organize ring tests.

Participation in these programs, also called interlaboratory or interoperation programs, is a requirement usually demanded by accreditation entities and in some cases it may be mandatory by current legislation.

The standard that regulates proficiency tests is ISO / IEC 17043 “proficiency tests by interlaboratory comparison”.

These proficiency tests are defined by the ISO / IEC Guide 43 as “determination of the suitability of a laboratory to carry out tests by means of intercomparisons”.

The proficiency tests organized and managed by ILT – INTERLABORY TEST are a fundamental tool for the quality of the testing laboratories and calibration laboratories, and they constitute part of the evaluation process, to establish their competence in order to grant or maintain their accreditation. ISO 17025.

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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