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ILT-U-417Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing

Description: Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates, stone sample. Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates concrete sample. Method: BS 812, BS 1881

ILT-U-950Aggregate and soil determinations

Description: Aggregate Sieve Analysis; Aggregate Flakiness Index; Aggregate Shell Content; and Soil Sieve Analysis using Test Sieve Method:

, ILT-U-2705Aggregate determination


Potential Alkali Reactivity. According to ASTM C1260

Standard :ASTM C1260,

, ILT-U-2653Aggregates determination


Aggregate Impact Value. according to IS 2386-4

Standard :IS 2386-4,

ILT-U-877Amount of material finer than # 200 sieve in soils

Description: Method: ASTM D1140

ILT-U-1853Analysis of different soil determinations

Description: Materials Finer than 75-µm (No. 200); Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil and Rock by Mass; Particles than less 6 Micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter 2.11 Equipment – Sedimentation Method; and pH in Soil for Corrosion Method: API 13A, ASTM D4972, ASTM C117, ASTM D2216

ILT-U-1673Arid and soil determinations

Description: Granulometry; unit weight; and wear Los Angeles Method: ASTM C29, ASTM C136, ASTM C131

, ILT-U-2556Arid determination

Chlorides, Sulfates, Total soluble salts, Sulfate disintegration. According to NCh 1444, 8.202.14 (MC V8), and 8.202.17 (MC V8)

ILT-U-542Biomass determination. 1A

Description: Method: EN 14774-1, EN 14775, EN 15148, EN 15104, EN 15289

ILT-U-1222Biomass determination. 1B

Description: Ash content; Moisture; and Organic Matter Method: ASTM D2974

ILT-U-499Biomass determinations

Description: GCV, % ash, % Sulphur and % Carbon value. Method:

ILT-U-726BTEX, PAH, TPH and Ethanol determination in soil


ILT-U-842Calorific value (top/ bottom) determination

Description: Calorific value top and Calorific value bottom Method:

ILT-U-505CBR and humidity determination

Description: Method: ASTM D1883, ASTM D2216

ILT-U-213Coal and coke determinations. 1A

Description: Ash content; volatile matter; fixed Carbon; inherent moisture; moisture; hardgrove index; chlorine; and fluorine Method: ASTM D3761, ASTM D3302, ASTM D4208, ASTM D409, ASTM D3173, ASTM D3172, ASTM D3175, ASTM D3174

ILT-U-011Coke and coal determinations. 1B

Description: Sulfur; gross calorific value; net calorific value; carbon; total hydrogen; nitrogen; and total oxygen Method: ASTM D3176, ASTM D5373, ASTM D5865, ASTM D4239

ILT-U-1073Concrete and soil and determinations. SS

Description: Particle Density/specific gravity for soil/aggregate; and Consolidation of soil for Soil sample; and Wear resistance of aggregate; Hardness testing in Veeb/Rockwell; and Hydraulic pressure for Concrete sample. Method:

ILT-U-1459Consolidation Test in soil

Description: Consolidation Test Method: ASTM D2435

, ILT-U-3054Construction determinations


Moisture content of a soil, According to NTP 339.127. Granulometric analysis, According to NTP 339.128. and Liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index of soils, According to NTP 339.129

Standard :NTP 339.127, NTP 339.128, NTP 339.129

ILT-U-1103Cyanide in soil determination

Description: Cyanide in soil Method:

ILT-U-720Determination of dioxins and furans in soil

Description: 8290 A: 2007 / EPA 1613_1994). Method:

ILT-U-534Determination of metals in soil

Description: Ca, Mg, K and Zn. Method:

ILT-U-1301Determination of nitrogen in soil

Description: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen – Available; and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen – Soluble Method:

ILT-U-1300Determination of organic compounds in soil

Description: Benzene; Ethylbenzene; Toluene; m/p xylene; and o xylene Method:

ILT-U-1403Determination of pesticides in soil

Description: Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative) Method:

ILT-U-875Determination of water content (humidity) of soils and rock by mass

Description: Method: ASTM D2216

ILT-U-1096Determinations in coal and coke

Description: Volatile Matter Method: ISO 589, ASTM D3171

ILT-U-331Determinations in phosphate rock

Description: Phosphorus Pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon Oxide (%SiO); Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO; and Total chloride (ppm Cl) Method:

ILT-U-1901Determinations in soil. 1A

Description: Organic material (Walkley Black method (titration); and Dehydrogenase enzyme activity (Casida et al 1977 method) Method:

ILT-U-482Determinations in soil. 1B

Description: Grading, bitumen content, thickness and thickness, density and compaction control. Method: ASTM D2172, ASTM C136, ASTM D3549, ASTM D2426, AASHTO T230-68

, , ILT-U-1922Fresh water. Taxonomic identification of benthic macroinvertebrates

Taxonomic identification of benthic macroinvertebrates. (fresh water).

, ILT-U-1239Glyphosate determination

Description: Active content determination; Moisture content determination; Appearance determination; and Formaldehyde content determination. Method:

, ILT-U-2706Limestone determination


Total Sulfur of Limestone. According to ASTM C25

Standard :ASTM C25,

ILT-U-876Limit Liquid and Plastic and Soil Plasticity Index

Description: Method: ASTM D4318

, ILT-U-3318Marine sediments determination


Wentworth scale granulometry and Total organic matter. According to NTP 339.128, ASTM D2974

Standard :, NTP 339.128, [:en]ASTM D2974[:]

ILT-U-1445Method by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in soils

Description: Method by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in soils: CO2 (Solutions: Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl and V) Method:

ILT-U-085Modified proctor compaction test in soil. 1A

Description: Method: ASTM D1557

ILT-U-1495Modified proctor compaction test in soil. 1B

Description: NCh 1534/2. Of79, Method A. Method: NCh 1534/2

, ILT-U-2704Mortar bar determination

Standard :

ILT-U-2314Organic waste determinations

Flash Point

ILT-U-1228pH and conductivity in soil

pH and conductivity

ILT-U-1468Radioactive activity in soils and waters

Description: Ra-226 through Bi 214 (gamma emitter 600 keV); Th-232 through Pb-212 (gamma emitter 238 keV) and Ac-228 (gamma emitter 911keV); and K-40 (gamma emitter 1460 keV) Method:

, ILT-U-2374Rare element value in estuarine sediments

Ce, Dy, Er, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, Lu, Nd, Pr, Sc, Sm, Tb, Tm, Y, Yb, Th, U

ILT-U-1994Resistance of Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures

Description: Resistance of plastic flow (Marshall) Method: ASTM D1559

, ILT-U-3003Rock determination


Unconfined compressive strength (Includes Preparation of rock cores - Polishing load faces). According to ASTM D7012

Standard :ASTM D7012

ILT-U-509Sand determinations

Sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregates, Washing the material that passes the 75 µm sieve in mineral aggregates, Sand equivalent of soils and fine aggregates, Percentage of particles fractured in a coarse aggregate

, , ILT-U-2340Sea Water. Taxonomic identification of benthic macroinvertebrates

Taxonomic identification of benthic macroinvertebrates. (sea water).

ILT-U-2256Sludge determinations

Organic material and Humidity

ILT-U-881Sludge determinations. 1A

Description: Volatile Solids, Oil & Grease, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, and Chloride Method:

ILT-U-600Sludge determinations. 1B

Description: PH; Total solid; Volatile solid; Fixed solid; Oil and Grease; Cu; Ni; Zn; Cr; Pb; Mn; Cd; Ag; and As Method:

ILT-U-044Sludge determinations. 1C

Description: pH; Total solids; Moisture; Volatile Solids; Fixed solids; Oil & Greases; Flash Point; Enumeration of Total Coliform; Enumeration of Fecal coliform; Enumeration of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Water Quality – Detention and Enumeration of Intestinal Enterococci in surface and waste water; Membrane filter method; Enumeration of Escherichia coli; and Heterotrophic plate count Method:

ILT-U-1432Sludge determinations. 1E

Description: Escherichia Coli; Salmonella; Staphylococcus aureus; and Molds and yeasts Method: NOM-004 -SEMARNAT

ILT-U-1068Soil and Concrete determinations. SS

Description: Humidity; Solid Specific Gravity; sieving granulometry; Liquid limit; plastic limit; Proctor; Proctor modified; Material passing No. 200 mesh; CBR; and Compressive strength of concrete specimens Method: ASTM D854, ASTM D2216, ASTM D422, ASTM D4318, ASTM D698, ASTM D1557, ASTM C117, ASTM D1883, ASTM C39

ILT-U-2538Soil determination

Solid Particle Density Method:  ASTM D854

ILT-U-354Soil determination


Barium (Absence / Presence) ICP OES

Standard :

, ILT-U-519Soil determination

Description: Method: ASTM D1938

, ILT-U-2453Soil determination

Granulometric analysis. According to M.C. V8 (8.102.1)

ILT-U-2553Soil determination

Particle size analysis. According to Laser diffraction, dry method. ISO 13320

ILT-U-2557Soil determination

VOCs, Polynuclear Aromatics. According to SW8270

, ILT-U-2646Soil determination


Unconfined Compression, Lime/Cement-Treated Soil. According to ASTM D1633

Standard :ASTM D1633,

, ILT-U-2647Soil determination


Isotropic Triaxial Compression – UU (per point) USACE. According to ASTM D2850

Standard :ASTM D2850,

, ILT-U-2650Soil determination


Hydraulic conductivity of saturated porous materials using a flexible wall permeameter. According to ASTM D5084

Standard :ASTM D5084,

, ILT-U-2916Soil determination


Unconfined Compressive Strength. According to ASTM D2166

Standard :ASTM D2166,

, ILT-U-2971Soil determination


 Content of soluble salts in soils. According to NTL 114

Standard :NTL 114,

, ILT-U-2972Soil determination


Organic content of a soil by means of the loss on ignition test. According to AASHTO T 267

Standard :AASHTO T267,

, ILT-U-2980Soil determination


Dry density/moisture content relationship (CBR mould & 4.5kg rammer), Plastic size distribution by wet sieving, Plastic size distribution by hydrometer, and Const. of a continuous particle size distribution curve from the results of wet sieving and sedimentation test. According to GEOSPEC 3

Standard :GEOSPEC 3,

, ILT-U-2979Soil determination


Dry density/moisture content relationship (1L mould & 2.5kg rammer), Plastic size distribution by wet sieving, Plastic size distribution by hydrometer, and Const. of a continuous particle size distribution curve from the results of wet sieving and sedimentation test. According to GEOSPEC 3

Standard :GEOSPEC 3,

, ILT-U-3002Soil determination


Direct cut - CD mode (three points). According to INV E154

Standard :INV E154

, ILT-U-3004Soil determination


One-dimensional consolidation. (five loading and unloading points). According to INV E151

Standard :INV E151

, ILT-U-3005Soil determination


Resilient module. According to INV E156

Standard :INV E156

, ILT-U-3006Soil determination


Triaxial compression - CU mode (three points). According to INV E153

Standard :INV E153

, ILT-U-3007Soil determination


Triaxial compression - CD mode (three points). According to INV E153

Standard :INV E153

, ILT-U-3008Soil determination


Cyclic triaxial. (dynamic triaxial). Accoridng to ASTM D3999

Standard :ASTM D3999

ILT-U-3215Soil determination


Granulometric analysis by sieving, Liquid limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index, Specific Gravity of solids, Proctor Modified. According to NTP 339.128, NTP 339.129, ASTM D4318, NTP 339.131, ASTM D854, NTP 339.141, ASTM D1557

Standard :NTP 339.141, NTP 339.131, NTP 339.128, NTP 339.129, [:en]ASTM D854[:], [:en]ASTM D4318[:], [:en]ASTM D1557[:]

ILT-U-1598Soil determinations

Description: Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials Method: IEC 60811-507

, ILT-U-2360Soil determinations

Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Soil Plasticity Index. According to INV E-125, INV E-126

, ILT-U-2361Soil determinations

CBR of compacted soils in the laboratory and on undisturbed sample. According to INV E-148

, ILT-U-2383Soil determinations

Apparent density in soil. Method: ASTM D7263

Determination of soluble soil salts in cement. Method: UNE 103205

, ILT-U-2385Soil determinations

Soil organic content by loss on ignition test. According to INV E-121

ILT-U-902Soil determinations – Mehlich III method

Description: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc Method: Mehlich III

ILT-U-2029Soil determinations. 1A

Description: Sieve Analysis Test; Hydrometer Test; Liquid Limit Test; Plastic Limit Test; Particle Density; Bulk Density; and Moisture Content Method: BS 1377 Part 2

ILT-U-2030Soil determinations. 1B

Description: Water Content; Bulk / Dry Density – Linear Measurement; Bulk / Dry Density – Recompacted; Bulk / Dry Density – immersion in fluid; Particle Density (pyknometer)ñ Liquid limit – one-point fall cone method; Liquid limit – fall cone method; Plastic limit; Plasticity limit; PSD (sieving method); and PSD (Hydrometer method) Method: EN 17892

ILT-U-1703Soil determinations. 1C

Description: Humidity; Organic matter; Conductivity; pH; Chloride; Fluoride; Bromide; Phosphate; Nitrate; Nitrite; and Sulfate Method:

ILT-U-1675Soil determinations. 1D

Description: Liquid limit and plastic; and Soil classification SUCS Method: ASTM D422, ASTM D423, ASTM D424, ASTM D421

ILT-U-1674Soil determinations. 1E

Description: Direct shear and liquid limit and plastic determinations Method: ASTM D3080, ASTM D423

ILT-U-1619Soil determinations. 1F

Description: Minimum dry density; Determination of density in the field; Air content; Content of cement; Apparent Density; Docility, Method of settlement of the cone of Abrams; Traction by splitting; Surface Irregularity; Average Volume Coefficient of Gravel; Cubicity of Particles; Net Density of the Sands; Actual Sand Density; Net Density of Gravel Method: NCh 1117, NCh 1239, NCh 1511, 8.202.6 (MC-V8), Nch 1516, Nch 2144, Nch 1564, Nch 1019, Nch 1170, ASTM D4254, 8.502.4 (MC-V8)

ILT-U-012Soil determinations. 1G

Description: Humidity; granulometry; CBR; Liquid limit; Plastic Limit; Standard Proctor; and Proctor modified Method: ASTM D1557, ASTM D698, ASTM D4318, ASTM D2216, ASTM D1883, ASTM D6913

ILT-U-1719Soil determinations. 1H

Description: Classification tests determination of the liquid limit – cone penetrometer method: classification tests determination of Plastic Limit and plasticity index; classification tests determination of particle size distribution; compaction-related tests determination of dry density / moisture content relationship; compaction-related tests. determination of california bearing ratio; in-situ tests sand replacement method suitable for fine, medium and coarse grained soils (large pouring cylinder method; in-situ tests Filed Density test by Nuclear Gauge FDT Methods of test for soils for civil engineering; and test no.2.5; and classification tests Determination of moisture content Method: BS 1377 Part 3, BS 1377 Part 4, BS 1377 Part 2, BS 1377 Part 9

ILT-U-615Soil determinations. 1I

Description: Liquid Limit: Plastic Boundary; Cubicity of particles; Chlorides and sulfates; CBR: Proctor modified; Specific gravity of solids Method: NCh 1532, Nch 1517, Nch 1534/2, Nch 1852, Nch 1444, 8.202.6 (MC-V8)

ILT-U-699Soil determinations. 1J

Description: Sieve Analysis; plasticity; and CBR Method: ASTM D1883, ASTM C136, ASTM D4318

ILT-U-1671Soil determinations. 1K

Description: Soil classification; proctor standard and modified; and CBR Method: AASHTO T180, AASHTO T193, AASHTO T99, ASTM D698, ASTM D422, ASTM D1883

ILT-U-1670Soil determinations. 1L

Description: Soil water content; and specific gravity Method: ASTM C126, ASTM C128, ASTM D2216

ILT-U-376Soil determinations. 1M

Description: % Ash (proximate); % Moisture (proximate); and BTU – Caloric Value Method: ASTM D3173, ASTM D3174, ASTM D240

ILT-U-1582Soil determinations. 1N

Description: Moisture content and Liquid limit Method: NCh 1515, Nch 1517

ILT-U-344Soil determinations. 1O

Description: Liquid limit; Plastic limit; Moisture determination; and Granulometric analysis by sieving and sedimentation Method: ASTM D4318, ASTM D422, ASTM D2216

ILT-U-1571Soil determinations. 1P

Description: Humidity and Relative density (soil); Compression of cylindrical specimens (concrete); and Apparent density (sand) Method: NCh 1515, Nch 1037, ASTM D2216, ASTM C39, Nch 1116, ASTM D4253

ILT-U-1385Soil determinations. 1Q

Description: Total Fluoride; TPH — as OA2; Total Organic Carbon; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides and PCB’s; Total Sulfide; Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – PAH’s; pH; Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds – SVOCs; Sulfates; Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs; Total, Fixed and Volatile Solids in solid and semi-solid; Herbicides; Moisture Content; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides; Ammonia Nitrogen; Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX); Silica; Fecal and Escherichia coli; Salmonella sp; Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant; and Metals: Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Silver, Thallium, Zinc Method:

ILT-U-1313Soil determinations. 1R

Description: Determination of water content; Determination of particle size distribution; and Determination of Atterberg limits Method: ISO 17892-12, ISO 17892-1, ISO 17892-4

ILT-U-1299Soil determinations. 1S

Description: Dry Bulk Density; Elemental Sulphur; Alkalinity (Total as CaCO3); Ammonia – N (Soluble); Ortho-phosphate; Sulphur – Available; Fluoride – Total; Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (TEH) Method:

ILT-U-1256Soil determinations. 1T

Description: Moisture; Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort; Through Hole mesh # 2; and Particle size analysis Method: ASTM D2216, ASTM D422, ASTM C117, ASTM D1557

ILT-U-1135Soil determinations. 1U

Description: PAH; Volatile Organic Compounds; Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds; Metals; Nitrogen Series; and Fractional TPH Method:

ILT-U-508Soil determinations. 1W

Description: Humidity; specific gravity of solids; moisture; liquid limit; plastic Limit; standard proctor; proctor modified; unconfined compression; CBR; direct cut; proctor modified; and consolidation Method: ASTM D2435, ASTM D3080, ASTM D1883, ASTM D2166, ASTM D1557, ASTM D698, ASTM D4318, ASTM D2216, NCh 1515, NCh 1534/2, ASTM D854

ILT-U-504Soil determinations. 1X

Description: Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit; organic impurities; compaction standard Proctor method, compaction modified Proctor method, and unconfined compressive strength Method: ASTM D698, ASTM D1557, ASTM D2166, ASTM C40, ASTM D4318

ILT-U-614Soil determinations. 1Y

Description: Dry maximum density; Dry minimum density; Determination fine material less 0.080 mm; Determination wear of gravels; Organic content by calcination; Granulometry; and Moisture Method: NCh 1515, Nch 1223, NCh 1369, 8.102.1 (MC-V8), ASTM D2974, ASTM D4254, ASTM D4253

ILT-U-1392Soil determinations. 1Z

Description: Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds; Phenolic compounds; HPA; TPH; PCBs; DQO; DBO; Oils and greases and fats; Total solids; Fluorides; Chlorides; Cyanides; Phosphor; and Nitrogenated Method:

ILT-U-721Soil determinations. In situ

Description: Density in the ground, sand cone method; Density in the field, nuclear method; Extraction and preparation of samples; and Moisture in the field, nuclear method Method: NCh 164, Nch 1516, ASTM D6938

ILT-U-1092Soil metals determinations

Description: Cupper; Lead; Nickel; Silver; Gold; Zinc; and Iron Method:

ILT-U-949Solid waste determinations

Flashpoint / Ignitability, Water content, Organically bound halogens (Chloride, Fluoride, and Bromide)

ILT-U-1320TPH, SVOC and VOC determinations. SS

Description: Water and soil Method:

ILT-U-1448Water and soil determinations

Description: Beryllium; 1,1-Dichloroethane; Nitrites; 2,4,6-trichlorophenol; Total alkalinity; DDT (total and isomers); Barium; Zinc; Xylenes; Trans-1,2-dichloroethene; N-Propylbenzene; Chloroethane; 1,3-Dichlorobenzene, m-dichlorobenzene; Cis 1,3-dichloropropene; 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane; and 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene Method:

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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