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ILT-U-263Acoustic test toys

Description: NM 300-1: 2003; EN71-1:2011 / UNE-EN71-1:2012; ASTM F963-11 Method: NM 300-1, EN 71-1, ASTM F963

ILT-U-647Air flow from caps for writing instruments

Description: Method: ISO 11540

ILT-U-134Analysis of accessible points in Toys

Description: Clause 4.9 Method: ASTM F963

ILT-U-1146Baby bottles determinations

Description: Impact, Torsion, and Traction Method: NBR 13793

ILT-U-818Baby items determinations

Description: Peroxide determination; and DTX Test Method: NBR 10334, NBR 13793

, ILT-U-3329baby rocking chair determiantion


Resistance of the structural members of the sides. According to NBR 16067-2:2012, Portaria do INMETRO n.º 143 de 22/03/2021 

Standard :NBR 16067-2,

ILT-U-789Baby stroller determinations

Description: Irregular surface test; Stability; and Holes and openings Method: EN 1888, NBR 14389

ILT-U-1266Beilstein Test

Description: Detect chlorine in vynils; hydro chlorinated rubbers; and chloroprene rubber-based adhesives Method:

, ILT-U-2878Child use and care articles determination


Child use and care articles - Safety barriers - Safety requirements and test methods. According to EN 1930

Standard :EN 1930,

ILT-U-1720Child-resistant packaging test. TO

Description: Testing of re-closable child-resistant packaging. Method: ISO 8317

ILT-U-737Children´s products and articles holidays school stuff determinations

Description: Total bacterial count; Count of yeasts and molds; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; and Escherichia coli Method:

, ILT-U-2423Children’s folding chairs determination

Safety determinations. According to ASTM F2613 and 16 CFR 1232

ILT-U-1669Children’s clothing determinations. TY

Description: Cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing. Method: CNS 15291 L1037

, ILT-U-2945Dermal irritation determination


In Vitro Dermal Irritation - RHE kit (GLP). Microbiological for school supplies. According to OCDE Nº 404:2015, OCDE Nº 405:2017, OCDE Nº 423:2001

Standard :OCDE Nº 404:2015, OCDE Nº 405:2017, OCDE Nº 423:2001,

ILT-U-973Determination of total content of phthalates in toys

Description: CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3 and GB/T 22048 Method: CPSC-CH-C1001-09, EN 14372, GB/T 22048

ILT-U-1511Determinations in pacifiers

Description: Mechanical; Labeling; and Physical Method: NBR 10334

ILT-U-997Determinations in toys

Description: Drop test; Impact test; Compression test; Accessibility of a part or component; Sharpness of edges; Sharpness of points; and Leakage of liquid-filled toys Method: EN 71-1

ILT-U-135Determining Cadmium (Cd) Extractability from Childrens Metal Jewelry

Description: CPSC-CH-E1004-11 Method: CPSC CH E1004-11

, ILT-U-1996Determining Cadmium and Lead from Metal Jewelry

Description: Cadmium and lead Method:

ILT-U-1575Dielectric strength in toys

Description: Dielectric strength Method: NM 300-6

ILT-U-264Electric test toys

Description: NM 300-6 Method: NM 300-6

ILT-U-1638Electrical test determinations in toys samples

Description: Electrical tests (excluding radiation/emi-emc tests) Method: IEC 62115

ILT-U-1143Flammability Test

Description: Method: ASTM F963

ILT-U-654Flammability Test Toys

Description: Method: EN 71-2, NM 300-2

ILT-J-02Flammability Test. Open

Description: EN 71-2 / NM 300-2 Method: EN 71-2, NM 300-2

ILT-U-651Flammabilty Test in plush toys

Description: Method: ISO 3795

, ILT-U-2346Formamide content determination

Formamide content

ILT-U-1179Lead determination in children’s products

Description: Children’s Metal Jewelry and Lead in Non-Metal Children’s Products Method: CPSC-CH-E1001-08.2, CPSC-CH-E1001-08.3, CPSC-CH-E1001-08, CPSC-CH-E1002-08.2, CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3, CPSC-CH-E1002-08, CPSC-CH-E1001-08.1, CPSC-CH-E1002-08.1

ILT-U-1482Lead determinations in toys

Description: Directive 2009/48/EC Method:

ILT-U-1177Lead in paint determination

Description: Method AOAC 974.024 / ICP. Method: 16 CFR Part 1303

ILT-U-2424Liquid-filled children's products determination

Risk of chemical poisoning and/or chemical pneumonia from aspiration. According to 16 CFR 1500.231

ILT-U-204Mechanical Hazard and Small Parts, and Flammability Test in toys

Description: 16 CFR 1610, 16 CFR 1500. 48/53 AND 16 CFR 1501. Method: 16 CFR Part 1501, 16 CFR 1500. 48/53, 16 CFR 1610

ILT-U-1784Monomers determinations

Description: Monomers Method: EN 71-10

ILT-U-1991N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables in latex baby pacifier.

Description: N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables Method: BS EN 12868

ILT-U-820N-nitrosamines, peroxide and DTX in baby bottles

Description: Method: ABNT NBR 13793, BS EN 12868

ILT-U-320Nitrosamines in rubber

Description: Method: EN 71-12

, ILT-U-2546Pacifier determiantion

Peroxide. According to NBR 13793

, ILT-U-2723Pacifier determination


Migration of dyes and pigments, according to  NBR 13793

Standard :NBR 13793,

ILT-U-1147Pacifiers determination. TY

Description: Physical and mechanical determinations Method: NBR 10334

ILT-U-819Party items determinations

Description: Airflow determination Method: NBR 13883

, ILT-U-3258Party supplies determination


Physical and mechanical properties, Marking, labeling and packaging. According to NBR 13883:2015, Portaria INMETRO 414/2010

Standard :Portaria 414, NBR 13883

ILT-U-648Phthalates in dolls determination

Description: Method: EN 14372, NBR 16040

ILT-U-800Physical and mechanical properties of toys

Description: EN 71:1. Clause 7; 8.7; 8.2; 8.8; 8.3; 8.9; 8.4; and 8.33 Method: EN 71-1

ILT-U-653Physical and mechanical properties of Toys. 01

Description: Method: ASTM F963, EN 71-1, NM 300-1

ILT-U-970Physical and mechanical test on wheelchairs and strollers. TY

Description: ASTM F833-1 Method: ASTM F833-1

, ILT-U-2312Plastic -Toy compounds determination.

Standard :EN 71-11, [:en]EN 71-10[:]

ILT-U-2983Playground equipment determination


Accessibility for Adults, Protection Against Falling, Finish of Equipment, Moving Parts, Protection Against Entrapment, Means of Access, Connections, Ropes, Information to be Provided by the manufacturer/supplier, Marking. According to EN 1176-1 clause 7

Standard :EN 1176-1,

ILT-U-2984Playground equipment determination


Access, Starting Section, Sliding Section, Run-out Section, Slides and Profile of the Slide, Impact Area, Tunnel and Mixed Tunned Slides. Accordsign to EN 1176-3

Standard :EN 1176-3,

ILT-U-2985Playground equipment determination


Free height of fall, Seat/Stand slope, Pinch, crush, Restraint of motion, Foot rests, Hand supports, Side view profiles, Entrapment, Falling space, Anchor covering. According to EN 1176-6 clause 4.11

Standard :EN 1176-6,

ILT-U-2986Playground equipment determination


Ground clearance, Seat clearance h4 for single point suspension swings (type 3), Minimum clearance and stability of swing seats with more than one point of suspension, Means of suspension, Seats and platforms (type 3)-10 impacts, Dynamic load for swing equipment-100,000cycles, Structural integrity, Framework, Height of fall and Impact area, Additional requirements for swings with several rotational axes (type 2), Additional requirements for single-point swings (type 3), Additional requirements for contact swings (type 4), Marking. According to EN 1176-2

Standard :EN 1176-2,

ILT-U-1090REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Testing

Description: EU REACH-SVHC Method:

ILT-U-2422Ride on toys determination

Ride on toys. According to ASTM F963

ILT-U-1834Roller sports equipment

Description: Skateboards. Safety requirements Method: EN 13613

ILT-U-1833Roller sports equipment. 01

Description: Inline-skates. Safety requirements Method: EN 13843

ILT-U-1832Roller sports equipment. 02

Description: Roller skates. Safety requirements. Method: EN 13899

ILT-U-655Safety determination of toys

Description: Migration of certain elements Method: EN 71-3, ASTM F963, NM 300-3, ISO 8124-3

ILT-U-1835Safety of children’s clothing. TY

Description: Cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing Method: EN 14682

ILT-U-2121Safety requirements of playgrounds

Description: Mitigating the impact (HIC). Method: NBR 16071-3

, ILT-U-3259School articles determination


Mechanical properties. According to NBR 15236:2021, clause 5.1

Standard :NBR 15236

ILT-U-1879Soothers for babies and young children

Description: Safety requirements Method: EN 1400

ILT-J-03Specification for migration of certain elements

Description: EN 71-3 and NM 300-3 Method: EN 71-3, NM 300-3

, ILT-U-2388Strollers determinations
Physical and flammability EN 1888-1
Chemical hazards (8 soluble elements) EN 1888-1
ILT-U-2597Toy chest determination


Mechanical and physical properties. According to ASTM F963

Standard :ASTM F963,

ILT-U-1874Toy determination


Electric resistivity of cords EN 71-1 Clause 8.19

Standard :

ILT-U-2987Toy determination


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Benzene, Xylene and Toluene. 

Standard :

ILT-U-3091Toy determination


Flammability. According to ISO 8124-2

Standard :ISO 8124-2

ILT-U-1680Toy determinations

Description: Determination of general, mechanical and physical properties (sound level). clause 4.28 and 5.26 Method: NM 300-1

ILT-U-1679Toy determinations. 01

Description: Chemical games other than experimental games Method: NM 300-5

ILT-U-1678Toy determinations. 02

Description: Chemical experiment games and related activities Method: NM 300-4

ILT-U-1875Toy safety determinations – Flammability

Description: General Requirements; Toys to be Worn on The Head; Toys Intended to be Entered by A Child; Test relating to beards, moustaches, wigs, etc., made from hair, pile or material with similar features (e.g. Free hanging ribbons, paper, cloth strandsor other flowing elements), which protrude 50 mm or more from the surface of the toy; Test relating to beards, moustaches, wigs, etc., made from hair, pile or material with similar features (e.g. Free hanging ribbons, paper, cloth strandsor other flowing elements), which protrude less than50 mm from the surface of the toy, and full or partial moulded head masks; Test relating to flowing elements of toys to be worn on the head (except those covered by 4.2.2 and 4.2.3), hoods, head-dresses, etc. And masks not covered by 4.2.4 which partially or fully cover the head (e.g fabric and cardboard masks, eye masks, face masks), toy disguise costumes and toys intended to be entered or worn by a child; and Test for soft filled toys Method: EN 71-2

ILT-U-684Toy safety determinations. 01

Description: Clause 8.2; 8.3; 8.7; 8.9; 8.14; 8.19; 8.20; 8.30; 8.38; 8.39; 8.40 Method: EN 71-1

ILT-U-1475Toy safety determinations. 02

Description: Clause: 4.14; 8.2; 8.3; 8.4; 8.5; 8.7; 8.8; 8.9; 8.10; 8.11; 8.12; 8.18; 8.20; 8.21; 8.23.1; 8.25.1; 8.32; and 8.40 Method: EN 71-1

ILT-U-095Toys – Mechanical and physical properties

Description: Cords on toys (Point 5.4); toy bags (Point 4.4); and toys comprising monofilament fibres (Point 5.9) Method: EN 71-1

ILT-J-01Toys – Mechanical and physical properties. Open

Description: EN 71-1 / NM 300-1 Method: EN 71-1, NM 300-1

ILT-U-2699Toys determiantion


General requirements, Cords, chains and electrical cables in toys, Packaging, Warnings, markings and instructions for use, Flexible plastic sheeting, Driving mechanisms, Tip over test, Flexibility of metallic wires, Leakage of liquid-filled toys, Geometric shape of certain toys, Perimeter of cords and chains, Assessment of the tangle potential of two cords or chains, Determination of projectile range, Assessment of leading parts of projectiles and flying toys, Length of suction cup projectiles. According to EN 71-1

Standard :EN 71-1,

ILT-U-304Toys determination


Pentachlorophenol or coloring salts. According to NM 300-3

Standard :NM 300-3

ILT-U-336Toys determination

Description: Bite Resistance; Beilstein Resistance; and General, Mechanical and Physical Properties (visual inspection) Method: Portaria 563/2016

ILT-U-2354Toys determination

Dimensional – Thickness of plastic bag

, ILT-U-2946Toys determination


In vitro toxicity (OECD 129 - GLP). Microbiological for toys. According to USP 43, NF 38 de 2020

Standard :USP 43, NF 38,

ILT-U-3089Toys determination


Mechanical rattle testing. According to ASTM F963

Standard :ASTM F963

ILT-U-3090Toys determination


Test for soluble metals and substrate: Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, Antimony. Accordign to ASTM F963

Standard :ASTM F963

ILT-U-3198Toys determination


Organic Chemical Compounds - Primary Aromatic Amines. (Using GC-MS). According to EN 71-9, EN 71-10, and EN 71-11

Standard :EN 71-9, EN 71-11, [:en]EN 71-10[:]

ILT-U-3199Toys determination


Organic Chemical Compounds - Determination Of Flame Retardants (Using LC-MS/MS). According to EN 71-9, EN 71-10, and EN 71-11

Standard :

ILT-U-3201Toys determination


Free Phenol (Using HPLC). According to EN 71-9, EN 71-10, and EN 71-11

Standard :EN 71-9, EN 71-11, [:en]EN 71-10[:]

ILT-U-3257Toys determination


Mechanical test. Boil, Bite, Electrical test, and Acoustic test. According to NBR 13793, Portaria INMETRO nº 563, Portaria INMETRO nº 302, NM 300-6, NM 300-1

Standard :NM 300-6, NM 300-1, Portaria 563/2016, Portaria 302/2021

ILT-U-459Toys determination – Small parts

Description: Small balls (clause 4.22); Determination of kinetic energy (clause 8.2); and Small parts cylinder (clause 8.2) Method: EN 71-1

ILT-U-573Toys determinations

Description: Small Components; Sharp Edges; Sharp Points; Eye – Nose Security – Dolls, Plush Toys and Soft Toys; and Reasonably Foreseeable Use – Toys Method: SOR/2011-17

ILT-U-1243Toys determinations. 01

Description: Analysis of Small Part; small objects; accessible edges; and accessible points Method: ASTM F963, 16 CFR Part 1501

ILT-U-1005Toys determinations. 02

Description: Velocity; Electric Energy / Thermal Energy; Plastic Film Thickness; Laces and elastics on toys Length; Holes, openings and accessibility mechanisms Length, Depth; Toys operated by batteries Voltage, Temperature; Length; Safety in Toys: Mechanical and physical properties Various measurands Safety in Toys: Flammability Speed Method: EN 71-1, ASTM F963, EN 71-2

ILT-U-1547Toys determinations. 03

Description: Small parts (tension & torque); sharp points; and sharp edges Method: 16 CFR Part 1501, 16 CFR 1500.48, 16 CFR 1500.49

ILT-U-1526Toys determinations. 04

Description: Strength of fixing of non-removable parts (clause 3.27), and Strength of seams in soft-stuffed toys (clause 3.81) Method: GOST 25779

ILT-U-1878Toys determinations. 05

Description: Torque Tests for Removal of Components and Tension Tests for removal of Components Method: ASTM F963

ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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